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Saturday, February 23, 2013

The Museum of Nature

Another activity from last week... I'm almost caught up!

Before all the birthday celebrations last weekend, the kids, Mimi and I hit the Museum of Nature. It's no secret the kids love going to museums and this one, the dinosaur museum, is a special treat because we don't have a membership there.

Well, no need for a membership this time! I was asked by Kids in the Capital if I would go for a media preview of Dino Idol. I felt like a rock star. We got into the museum for free, attended the event, cast our votes, and went on the explore as much of the musem as we could before lunch.

IMG_5603 (Medium)

Dino Idol is a fun initiative by the museum to stir up interest and intrigue. (Read my post on Kids in the Capital here.) Basically the museum is letting the public decide which dinosaur to unwrap next. Literally the dinosaur fossils are encased in rock and wrapped in gauze and plaster. The winner will be cracked open and researched and eventually displayed in the museum. It's your chance to have a say in which dinosaur is displayed next. What a fun opportunity!

IMG_5606 (Medium)

We went to the media preview and looked at the 5 dinosaurs fossils on display. There were some speeches about Dino Idol. The kids had a hard time staying quiet so they went with Mimi to start exploring while I stayed behind to listen. I was brave and introduced myself to some local bloggers I recognized.

IMG_2947 (Medium)

When the preview was over I found my family with the mammals. We went on to explore the mammals and then the sea life.

IMG_2952 (Medium)

The ship's kitchen is always a big hit with the kids, but the big draw is the dinosaur area. Little J was specifically looking for a brachiosaurus and I'm not sure if he found it.

IMG_5618 (Medium)

Everyone loves the dinosaur museum. Thanks to Kids in the Capital for the chance to go exploring.


  1. I petitioned really, really hard to get our prom held at the Dino museum, with those grand staircases and the pterodactyls hanging above! Best prom pics ever, as you know I lost (but we all lost didn't we, haha).

    But it still is super very mega awesome. Dino idol! I love it.

  2. I grew up calling it the dinosaur museum as well. My son calls it the castle museum.