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Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Ray's Reptile Zoo

I need to play catch up and tell you about the things we've been doing lately. First up: Little Ray's Reptile Zoo!

Last week when Little K and I were waiting for the doors to open at Little J's preschool, one of the girls told everyone that Little Ray's Reptile Zoo had free admission that day. Free admission? Count me in!

We've been to Little Ray's once before but it was about a year ago and with small kids who change so quickly I knew this visit would be different. After lunch I packed the kids up in the car and we headed out. We met up with friends there.

IMG_2890 (Medium)

Despite the free admission the place wasn't packed (thankfully!) and we were able to see all the animals - Marmoset monkeys and tortoises at the front, snakes and lizards and alligators and crocodiles in the zoo - at our own pace.

IMG_2903 (Medium)

We went to the room they have in the back for a show. They have a staff member take animals out of their cages one at a time and bring them around for people to touch. Little K surprised me by wanting to touch everything save the scorpion. I had a hard time staying close enough to her to get photographic evidence that a tarantula crawled onto her hand.

IMG_2904 (Medium)

Little J on the other hand didn't want to touch anything other than a snake. He was content to play around and look at the fish and turtles in the aquariums in the back of the room. I was going between making sure Little K sat quietly while they brought the animals around and making sure Little J wasn't being too disruptive.

IMG_2910 (Medium)

I didn't know on our first trip to the zoo, but they have animals outside too, so after getting the kids bundled up we took them out the back door. I was shocked to see big cats (one was a Eurasian Linx), two bald eagles and a big owl, and two little pigs. I'm going to keep in mind the play structure and tables out back too for the warmer months when I'm sure we'll be back.

IMG_2882 (Medium)

We had a great time at the zoo and the kids have asked to go back a bunch of times since. Thankfully we have a Groupon that expires in March so we will definitely be going back soon.

IMG_2920 (Medium)

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