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Sunday, February 17, 2013

Little K's Birthday Party

My little girl turns 2 today. She's such a fun little girl and actually slept well last night which made me very happy.

It was an early morning though, both kids up before 7am. We piled on our bed and gave Little K her gifts. We got her a book, a puzzle, two shirts and new shoes. Her brother got her a toy car. She was pretty happy with her presents. She had received some presents early: a scarf and Cinderella doll from her aunt S, clothes and a purse with accessories from her great grandparents, and a princess dress-up costume complete with tiara and magic wand from our neighbours.  Isn't she spoiled??

IMG_0487 (Medium)

Both kids were super excited and racing around everywhere and hardly ate breakfast. They needed a snack not long after, but having them eating at the table gave us a chance to do last minute party prep because her big party was today. Last night J put up our birthday banner and balloons around the living room/dining room.

_MG_0502.CR2 (Medium)

I left party planning a bit late and so only about half our friends could come. We went with a Minnie Mouse theme because Little K is a little obsessed. It wasn't anything pin-worthy but it was nice and Little K loved it. We prepped veggies and dip, cheese and crackers, goldfish and fruit. For lunch we had kraft dinner for the kids and ordered pizza for us and our friends.

IMG_0490 (Medium)

Little K was so excited for her presents so we let her open them early. She was spoiled: Minnie Mouse instruments and a little house with figurines, a book, and a fun doodle-art water toy.

_MG_0497.CR2 (Medium)

After lunch we gave Little K a cupcake with a 2 candle on it to blow out. We sang to her and she blew out the candle as soon as J set down the cupcake before the song was over!

_MG_0515.CR2 (Medium)

Then she devoured it while SH cut up her amazing Minnie Mouse cake. Seriously, the cake was gorgeous - so classy and professional and did I mention that SH is starting a cake business?

IMG_0493 (Medium)

There was lots of playing and reading and chatting and by the end of it I think all the kids were content and tired. We sent them on their way with loot bags filled with stickers, a pencil, a stamp and valentines from the kids.

It wasn't a big, elaborate party, but it went well and the kids had a great time. A success in my books. Thanks again to SH for making the cake and our friends for spoiling my little girl. She's a happy little two year old and is currently passed out in her bed, exhausted from the excitement.

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