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Sunday, February 3, 2013

Big girl bed

Late Friday night or early Saturday morning, forgive me if I don't remember exactly, Little K was crying in her crib.  This wasn't the first time she was up and I took a minute to stretch before getting up to go get her.  When I got to her room she was straddling the crib rails. 

I shouldn't have been surprised - her and Little J play around during the day, getting in and out of her crib using the stool they drag over from the bathroom.  And not too long ago I found her standing on her change table when she was supposed to be sleeping.  It was right beside her crib and she had used it to climb out.  We moved the change table away form her crib so she couldn't do that again.

Turns out, she's determined to get out of her crib and tall enough to do so, change table or not.  With all the practice during the day, she's hitting this milestone much quicker than her brother did at 2.5.  Here he is last March, at exactly two and a half, super excited about his new found freedom.

IMG_6858 (Medium)

We made the decision to avoid Little K falling while climbing out and converted her crib yesterday morning.  Her crib is from IKEA and cost less than half what we normally spend at the grocery store and was harder to convert than Little J's more expensive crib.  It took a good half hour with all four of us helping (J did most of the work, I helped for real, the kids "helped").

IMG_0479 (Medium)

I'm not too worried about the change because she still doesn't put herself to sleep so keeping her in her bed won't be an issue.  And she absolutely loves being able to get into and out of her bed herself.  She's amassed so many stuffed animals that need to be in there with her.

IMG_2734 (Medium)

Yesterday she napped, a rare occurence these days, and when she woke up she got up, opened her door and came to see me in my room.  The first time is always cute.  Now she has a doorknob cover so she can't get out of her room.

IMG_2754 (Medium)

My little girl is getting so big!


  1. I am terrified of the day I have to move mine to a big boy bed. Due to the set up of the house he has no access to stairs. So has no clue how to use them. Yes we will have a gate in his door but still, I am scared.

    1. It could be bad or it could be fine. That's why I don't worry.. can't do anything about it.