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Friday, February 8, 2013

A bit of writer's block

It's true. I'm not sure what to write these days. From what I can tell, it happens to everyone.

I'm not sure what to write and make a good post out of it. I have lots of pieces of posts in my head, things that would take some time to flesh out to make coherent and interesting (as interesting as I get). 

I also have other things on my mind: lists of things to do, things to get, birthday parties to organize, presents to buy, appointments to book, a website to build, potential new project ideas. It's exhausting.

Then I have my two little people to entertain all day every day.  At (almost) 3.5 and (almost) 2, they are great at amusing themselves and I'm not as worried about them hurting themselves, but they also need a lot of interaction, a lot of activities, a lot of books read to them, and they insist on eating breakfast and lunch every day. The nerve!

Just like any writing funk, I will get out of it sooner or later and then I will be back to regular posting. You can count on that.

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  1. I have gotten to this point many times. Sometimes it feels like there is so much to write it's hard to know where to start! You'll find your groove again :)