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Tuesday, January 15, 2013

The night before the first day of preschool

My Little J starts preschool tomorrow.  He's excited.  His school bag is packed and his clothes have been picked out.  I'm sure he's dreaming of all the fun things he'll get to do tomorrow.

I'm in awe.  I can't believe he's old enough already to be going to preschool.  He's so old but still so little.

We decided to put Little J in a city-run program one morning a week.  It's actually only 2 hours.  Two hours a week.  Nothing really.

But it's a big deal.  Other than daycare, we haven't left him with anyone other than family.  I have no idea how this is going to go.

Little J can be quite shy.  He sticks close to me when we go places, shy around even his relatives he sees infrequently.  I have no idea how he's going to handle being dropped off in a strange place with strange people.  I hope if he's shy, it doesn't last long.  I hope he has a good time.  I hope he doesn't cry.

I don't even know how I feel about the whole thing.  Really I know that it'll be good for him.  He'll be happy and learn new things and meet new people.  Logically I get it, obviously because I'm the one who signed him up.  But on the eve of his first class I'm feeling a little bit of unease.

I will smile tomorrow morning as Little K and I send him on his way, but I will feel weird the entire time.  Like a part of me is missing.

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