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Sunday, January 20, 2013

The gift that keeps giving

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It's Sunday morning.  J has taken the kids out to watch snowcross (cars racing on a track covered in snow).  I'm all alone.  Normally I would take this time to clean - vacuum the carpets, clean the bathrooms, laundry and dishes no doubt, but today?  Today I'm blogging in my pjs with a mug of tea.

I'm able to do this because for Christmas J got me the gift that keeps giving: house cleaning!  Once a month a husband-wife duo come to our house and clean the entire thing top to bottom.  They do such a great job.

It's hard not to feel a little like I'm failing at this stay-at-home gig.  Isn't cleaning part of what J's paying me for (that's how we look at it: he goes to work and earns the money and pays me to stay home with the kids)?  My only "job" is to look after the kids.  Unfortunately my kids are very hard to clean around.  The vacuum cleaner scares them and if I'm cleaning the bathrooms they want to help, scary with the chemicals in most cleaning products.  So that's why I normally clean on weekend mornings when J can take the kids somewhere.

Having house cleaning really is great though.  After they came the first time, the week before Christmas, I sat down one night after getting the kids to bed and started planning when I would vacuum.  Then I realized that I didn't have to.  I didn't have to fit this chore into my week anymore.  I didn't have to frantically clean in the little bit of time I get to myself every week.  It was such a relief.  Needless to say, that night I gorged on tv while lying in my bed, wafts of lemony clean smell tickling my nose.

Other than reclaiming my weeknights and solo weekend mornings for watching tv and blogging, I'm going to take advantage of the extra time having a house cleaner affords me to tackle some of the things that never get done: I'm going to clean out the fridge and the kitchen cupboards, I'm going to get the basement organized, and spend some time building my doula business, all relatively guilt-free.

In this time of my life, when most of my waking hours (and some of my non-waking hours) are spent parenting, having help is invaluable to me.  So I'm not looking at this as me being a bad stay-at-home parent.  I'm looking at this as us being good with our money and spending it as we see fit, while not sacrificing our time with each other and our kids.  I'm looking at this as us knowing where our priorities are and being honest with ourselves.

Now if you will excuse me, I have some relaxing to do before my family gets back.

Do you get any kind of help around the house?  Would you consider it a failure on your part like I kinda do?

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  1. I get zero help around the house and there are some days/weeks that I think I really need to invest in a house cleaner helper person. I am able to tidy up the house quite easily, but larger tasks are next to impossible. Usually I get the basic things done weekly. P usually helps clean maybe once every 2 months and when he does its all "waa the house is a mess". Which usually gets a not so nice response from me :-)

    Quite frankly - I work full time and don't get home til 5pm - by the time I make dinner, play with Max, do the bedtime routine it is 8:30pm and all I want to do is sit and relax. No wonder my school marking isn't getting done.....eek!!