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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

On getting older

Last week was not a typical week.  J was gone all week in New York City for work.  He got home Friday night and I kept the kids up because we got home late anyway.  It was so worth it to see the looks on their faces when their dad came in the door.

I was lucky last week with all the help - J's parents took good care of us, coming over three nights in a row, my parents came over Thursday night, and we had dinner with friends Friday.

My birthday was Thursday and didn't feel very special.  It was a good day, but no happy birthday banner and no balloons, no J there to wish me a happy day when I woke up.  Believe me, you can't rely on two toddlers to remember.  Even after some prompting, I got a shy "happy birthday" from Little J and a "me too!" from Little K.

It was a good birthday though and I was definitely spoiled.  I had a birthday dinner with J's family last weekend, cards and calls and messages and cupcakes from family and friends all day Thursday, Chinese food for dinner with my parents, and dinner with friends Friday and Saturday nights.  It was an entire birthday week, just like it's supposed to be.

I was thinking about the gifts I got this year.  I don't know if it's because I'm getting older, but almost everything I got was practical and useful.  I got a new cake pan, new dishtowels, new bath towels, and a fancy new diaper bag.  I've used everything already.

Other than Monday being J's day off, this week is back to normal.  We already did a Costco run and I went to the dentist, we have to register Little J for kindergarten (eep!) and get back to meal planning.

And that my friends is being an adult: a low key birthday with practical gifts, getting ready to send your kid to school, and meal planning.  Anyone else feeling old these days?  This is not how my young self pictured being an adult.  I thought I'd be doing all sorts of fun things, things like going out all the time, eating whatever I wanted, going on fabulous trips and generally having fun.  And you know, I am having fun.  Just in a grown up kinda way.

Happy birthday to me.

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