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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Little K 23 Months

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I chose this picture so you could see Little K's fashion sense: long-sleeved tshirt with tights and shorts. Normally her outfit includes more pink.

This month included Christmas!  Big excitement.  Little K definitely understood that she was getting presents and she was happy about it.  This month also included the flu, which thankfully spread through our house and left us in a pile of dirty laundry and kleenex before the festivities.  Little K is not able to puke in a toilet so it was messy.  And sad.  Sick baby is sad.

Some fun things this month: Little K "telling jokes" like her big brother.  She just yells the punchline and fake laughs, thinking she's all clever.  She was blinking weirdly one day and told me "my eyes are dancin!" 

She continues to have an opinion on everything.  She picks out her own clothes and loves the colour pink now.  She is turning into such a girl.

She loves to read and jump and is always counting (she can count to 12) or singing the alphabet or another song.  She's better at jumping and opening doors and has started pottying.  Her four eye teeth finally came through and have been working their way up.  She is definitely dropping her nap but still falls asleep in the car.  She sweetly calls me MAMA all the time now.  Love it!

Like I already said, her eye teeth breaking through is new.  She shrieks when her brother does something she doesn't like.  We're trying to put a stop to that.

Little K is officially a jumper and a climber.  She can count to 12 and knows the alphabet.  She's learning the ASL signs for the letters too.

Being sick and the excitement of the holidays seemed to set Little K back and all she wanted to do was nurse for a couple weeks.  She still eats and drinks water and homo milk, don't worry.

The kid is pretty amazing when it comes to speaking.  She's pretty clear and knows all sorts of words and songs.

Same: Bed between 8 and 9, up a couple times to eat, eat for the day between 7 and 8, one nap in the car or not at all.

I'm looking forward to next month when she'll get weighed at her appointment.  I'm guessing she's getting a bit bigger and if not, at least a little taller.  She's still wearing size 2T, size 6 shoes, size 4 or 5 diapers when she's in disposable.

The holidays were the best yet.  Both kids were really excited and did so well with all the running around we did.  I can't believe my baby is almost 2!  

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