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Thursday, January 3, 2013

Baby K 22 Months

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This was a pretty busy month with the approaching holidays.  Lots of excitement in the lead-up to Christmas including a Christmas manicure and pedicure, meeting Santa and going out for dinner afterwards, and lots of crafts.

Baby K was sick, just like everyone this month.  She has started caring what we watch on tv and what she wears.  She cares what colour her plate is at meals and is attached to a certain toy for a while and moves on to another.  She needs to have whatever her brother has and we've had to start getting two of everything.

We had a family picture this month and more swimming lessons.  Baby K loves the "naw-nee" game where she and Little J have blankets tied like capes and they run around Little J's room yelling naw-nee!   

She will finally wear her mitts and lets me put hair clips and headbands on.

The best line from the month is when you call her something other than her name, like Sweetie, she'll say "I'm not sweetie, I'm Baby K!"  It's quite cute.

The big excitement this month was a mother-daughter weekend trip to Calgary which included Baby K's first time on an airplane, her first time away from Little J, her first time staying in a hotel room, and her first funeral.  She was such a trooper and did so well all weekend.  

Baby K can finally jump but still half-jumps most of the time.  She can open doors but is clumsy and slow.. you always know if it's her trying to get in and not Little J!  She is learning the alphabet and numbers, shapes and colours.  She's a smart little girl.  She can put together a 24-piece puzzle pretty quickly.

Baby K has gotten good at eating with utensils but still uses her hands most of the time.  She loves chocolate milk and juice, especially juice boxes.

Baby K is quite the chatterbox and now sings all the time.  She is learning songs like Twinkle twinkle, the alphabet, the Hokey Pokey.  She can count to 7.

Baby K is flirting with dropping her nap.  Her brother did at this age so I'm not surprised and she actually does pretty well on days she doesn't nap, no complete meltdowns by dinner or anything, but you can tell she still needs it and she will always fall asleep in the car if we're out and about later in the day.  She still goes to bed between 8:30 and 9pm, wakes up once or twice to eat, and is up for the day between 7 and 8am.  

Same!  Size 2T clothing, size 6 shoe, size 5 disposable diapers (but only because we ran out of size 4s and haven't bought more) (though she's in cloth when she isn't sick).

A weird month with the weekend trip to Calgary, but fun to see Baby K grow and develop and really let us know what she wants and likes.

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