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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday - 12-12-12

Today is 12-12-12!  December 12, 2012.  To mark the day I decided to participate in an hourly photo challenge:  take one picture on the hour for 12 hours.  Photos were shared on Twitter and tagged with #121212photos.

I started this morning at 8am.  Here are my 12 pictures:

8am - Making breakfast.  The time on the stove is actually the timer not the time.
IMG_1965 (Medium)

9am - Hanging out after breakfast. 
IMG_1966 (Medium)

10am - Building a gingerbread train.  A fun little kit I picked up at the store yesterday.  The kids really liked this.
IMG_1967 (Medium)

11am - Christmas manicures.  I painted their nails red and green. 
IMG_1979 (Medium)

12pm - Lunch time.  Pasta for them.  Chicken pot pie for me.
IMG_1981 (Medium)

1pm - Movie break, Prep and Landing.  I was hoping Baby K would have a nap but she didn't.
IMG_1983 (Medium)

2pm - Puzzles.  These are huge around here these days.
IMG_1986 (Medium)

3pm - Play time and Bob the Builder.  Moved to the basement for a change of scenery and so I could do laundry.
IMG_1988 (Medium)

4pm - Playing outside.  The little pile of snow was a big hit.
IMG_1992 (Medium)

5pm - Snack time.  All that playing made them hungry.
IMG_1996 (Medium)

6pm - Taking pictures before dinner.  Little J was taking pictures of the gingerbread train and Baby K was walking around with this toy camera.
IMG_2020 (Medium)

7pm - Shower time.  Ten minutes to myself while the kids finish up dinner with J.
IMG_2021 (Medium)

8pm - Books before bed. 
IMG_2022 (Medium)

What I really enjoyed about this challenge was the little conversations I had on Twitter with other people during the day.  I got to document a pretty typical day around here.  8am - 8pm is my twelve straight hours of parenting Monday-Friday so I know the pictures were almost all of the kids, but my life is almost all about the kids these days.

I hope you enjoyed a glimpse into my life.

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