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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Weekend trip to Calgary

I spent last weekend in Calgary with Baby K and my family.  J and Little J stayed home so it was a weekend of firsts:  first plane ride for Baby K, first time I was away from Little J, first time Little J and Baby K have been apart.

My grandfather lived in Calgary, at least for the past couple years.  He got sick and passed away.  The funeral was Saturday.  When I looked into flights and found out just how expensive it was going to be I told my family I was sorry but I couldn't go.  Well, my brother decided he was going and he thought it was important for me to be there too so he bought my ticket using his points.

If there was a theme for the weekend, it was generosity.

So I got myself mentally ready to take Baby K and head out for the weekend.  Friday night, I had dinner early and we packed up the car and headed to the airport.  Little J was a bit upset he couldn't come and I'm not sure Baby K knew exactly what was happening, but they were both great.

Baby K and I checked in and made our way to security.  She's at the age where she wants to do everything herself so getting her to stay with me at security was interesting, but we made it and set up shop at our gate which was near the waterfall. 

IMG_1847 (Medium)

I showed Baby K the plane through the window and let her run around before boarding hoping that would tire her out.

IMG_1853 (Medium)

We found our seat and promptly got moved to an empty row (awesome!)  Baby K was so excited and kept telling everyone that she was on an airplane.  She chatted with the woman across the aisle, the flight attendants who came to talk to us, and the people behind us. 

IMG_1859 (Medium)

Our flight was more than 4 hours long.  We watched tv and ate and drank and played games.  She finally passed out 10 minutes before we landed and woke up when we were leaving the plane.

We met my parents and brother in the airport and packed ourselves into the rental car.  Baby K fell asleep on the way to the hotel and I was able to transfer her to the room and to her crib without waking her.  It was after 10pm in Calgary, so after midnight our time, and she was exhausted.

IMG_1872 (Medium)

My brother and I shared a room that my parents paid for (generous).  Saturday morning, after a big free breakfast, we went to the pool. 

IMG_1878 (Medium) 

We were having a great time until my brother went down the slide.  Baby K and I were off to the side watching.  What I didn't realize was that we were right in the splash zone and were hit with a huge wave.  Happy fun times were over.

IMG_1881 (Medium)

Later that morning we met my uncle and cousin and went to the Canada Sports Hall of Fame. 

IMG_1885 (Medium)

It was really interesting.  There were lots of uniforms worn by athletes in the Olympics, medals, interactive components and tons of displays.

IMG_1895 (Medium)

There were tables near the door with colouring pages and crayons and it was hard to get Baby K to leave, but her uncle was able to get her out the door.

IMG_1911 (Medium)

Then it was lunch time.  Baby K got very interested in chocolate milk this trip.  She didn't eat a whole lot but she drank a lot.

IMG_1913 (Medium)

We had a quick stop back at the hotel to get ready for the funeral.  Baby K fell asleep on the way to the funeral home and woke up when we got inside. 

IMG_1914 (Medium)

The funeral was pretty quick and then we were off to my aunt and uncle's house.  I'm sad to say my phone's battery died and I didn't get a single picture of my family, but we had a great time together.  My aunt grabbed Baby K and played with her so I was able to talk to my cousins and just relax.  We had a nice dinner with cake (Baby K was SO excited for the cake!)

Baby K and Little J were both spoiled by my aunt and uncle.  Baby K got to open her gift - a pair of jeans and a cute shirt (super generous).

IMG_1918 (Medium)

Sunday morning we slept in, enjoyed the free hotel breakfast again, and again went to the pool.  Well, we ran to the pool:

IMG_1920 (Medium)

Because our flights home weren't until dinner time, we decided to check out a Calgary science museum (I'll write a more detailed post later). Baby K had a great time checking out the kids area.  She played with blocks and magnets and water and magnetic blocks and more.

IMG_1932 (Medium)  

After the museum we had a long lunch at a fancy restaurant.  It was so fancy there weren't change tables in the bathroom.  You know what you do when that happens?  You change your kid's diaper while she's standing on the counter in the bathroom then you laugh about it.  Better than changing her right on the table, right, fancy restaurant?

IMG_1941 (Medium)

My brother's flight was a bit before mine so Baby K and I sat in the airport.  She was so tired and passed out in the carrier.  She slept while I watched people go by.  I finally had to wake her and she cried the whole way through security.  I was worried about our flight but she calmed down after a while.

IMG_1945 (Medium)

Our flight was a bit late leaving but we lucked out again with a row to ourselves.  We rotated between watching tv, playing games on my phone, and singing and playing.  We landed, got our bag, and went outside into the cold.  Because it was after midnight, the plan was for us to take a taxi home.  Apparently that was everyone's plan.  The line was huge, probably 50 or so people.  Everyone was so nice and let me go right up to the front of the line (generous).  A fleet of taxis started showing up and Baby K and I were home in no time.   

The weekend was exhausting, physically and emotionally.  Over and over I was blown away by peoples' generosity and by how well Baby K did.  I'm happy I went and I'm happy to be home.

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  1. Sorry to hear about your grandfather! I'm glad you got to go though, and looks like it was a full weekend. I love the pic of you guys in the mirror - very cute!