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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Trip to the US

J has every second Monday off because he works a compressed work week.  He works almost 8.5 hours a day instead of 7.5 and we all enjoy having him home that day every two weeks.

A few Mondays ago we had planned to drop the kids off with J's parents and go to the spa with a gift card I got last Christmas (I know I know..).  Then Sandy the cat got sick and I had a cold and J wasn't feeling great.  We got Sandy's appointment moved up - she's fine.  J's parents were still game to watch the kids so we decided to scrap the spa idea and instead jumped in the car and drove South. 

The border to the US is about 45 minutes away so while the kids were happily playing at their grandparents' house, J and I were zooming along the highway headed for a different country.  A roadtrip!  We were so excited!

IMG_1770 (Medium)

We had some packages to pick up and wanted to hit up Walmart.  We drove into town to the post office and saw a woman who looked almost exactly like my mom.  I couldn't stop staring at her.  It was surreal.

The old houses we drove past remind me of Kingston like all old houses do.  We chatted and laughed and enjoyed our time together.  We stopped for lunch at a sub place.

IMG_1775 (Medium)

I was laughing so hard at one point that J said I was making a scene.  Thankfully it wasn't a serious sit-down place.  It was so fun.

We couldn't stay away for ever so we crossed back over the border and over the water on a sky high bridge.

IMG_1780 (Medium)

We collected our happy kiddos and headed home.  It was such a fun morning just me and J.  We're very lucky to have grandparents who are willing and able to take our kids so we can get out.

We managed to get a lot of our Christmas shopping done that day and found a snowsuit for Little J that wasn't a million dollars.  He loved it and kept thanking us.   

IMG_1790 (Medium)

And here's a blurry shot of a horse-drawn buggy that we passed.  We didn't see any parked at Walmart in the morning, but saw this one right after lunch.  Made my day.
IMG_1777 (Medium)

Our little trip feels like weeks ago.  Bear with me while I catch up on posting about our adventures.

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