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Friday, December 21, 2012

Telus Spark Science Center in Calgary

We have a family membership for three Ottawa museums.  It's called the 3 museums one card membership and gives us access to the Science and Tech museum, the Aviation museum, and the Agriculture museum (or Experimental Farm).  Our membership has already paid for itself since we've been probably a dozen times to the museums over the last year and we have a year left.

One perk of the membership is that we get free admission to museums across Canada and in other countries.  I never expected to use this feature but when I realized I'd be spending a weekend in Calgary with Baby K, I started searching for a toddler-friendly museum there.  I found the Telus Spark Science Center and immediately reached out on Twitter to find out if Baby K would have fun there.  She's still a little small for some indoor play places and not even 2 yet so not old enough for a lot of things.  I was given a good review.

Well here is another good review: The Telus Spark Science Center was amazing!   We stayed in the Creative Kids Museum area, just one of many themed areas, and had a blast.  Baby K went immediately to build with blocks and the woman working commented on her focus and deliberation when building her tower.  I tried to convince Baby K to go into the special toddler section full of soft toys and climbing structures thinking she would enjoy it, but she zoomed past to a table with three magnetic domes.  IMG_1923 (Medium)

She spent a long time putting nuts and washers and even spoons on the magnetic domes with great precision.

After that we went to the water area.  She wore a cute yellow apron and played with the boats and rocks in the impressive water table that featured a gentle water fall and sprinklers.  IMG_1929 (Medium)

The water was chlorinated, which, after spending time in the hotel pool, was a bit much for my nose, but Baby K had a great time.

We moved on to some magnetic building blocks and spent some time building interesting shapes and structures.
  IMG_1932 (Medium)

We were running out of time and didn't get to explore the other stations set up around the huge space.  Before we left, Baby K and I went through the enormous play structure.  Up the ramps and steps and through the tunnels.  Thankfully the crowds had thinned with the approaching lunch hour because an adult woman is not the quickest fitting through the tight spaces.  We waved at our family sitting on the benches below and giggled trying to gracefully get down the tower.

We couldn't leave the museum without checking out the gift shop.  So many neat things to take home.  Baby K settled on a lady bug for her and one for her brother.

The Telus Spark Science Center was impressive.  The staff were friendly and seemed to really enjoy their jobs.  I wish it was closer to home so Little J could have come to and so we could go back over and over to explore all the toys, and the other areas once the kids got a bit older.  If you live near Calgary I would recommend checking it out.  It isn't the cheapest museum but worth it for the amount of fun we had and you're sure to have too.

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