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Saturday, December 22, 2012

Snowmageddon a.k.a Winter in Ottawa

We are in the middle of a huge snowstorm.  It's a winter wonderland outside and just in time for Christmas!  It's been pretty mild with only two snowfalls so far this year.  We even had a record day where temperatures hit somewhere in the high teens.  In December.  Unreal.  So this snow is welcome and pretty and sparkly.  Even more so because I didn't have to commute in it yesterday.

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The kids were especially excited and marveled over the falling flakes.  We all bundled up and headed outside when J got home (early!) from work yesterday.  He happily snowblowed the driveway and then we made a slide for the kids on the front lawn.  Our driveway is massive but our front lawn is laughable.  Big enough though for a little slide for the kids.  They loved going down feet first, head first and even head first lying on their backs.

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We loaded the kids up on the sleds and took a walk around the block and to the mail box.  I love when they trail a little mittened hand to the side of the sled collecting snow.

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We went to the back where our yard is much bigger and started rolling snowballs.  We made one massive snowman Little J named Dilton.  Little J is quite fond of Dilton and told him jokes and asked what Dilton would like for Christmas.  He decided Dilton would like a camera, made him one out of snow, and then posed for Dilton's camera.  He's going to be one sad boy when Dilton melts.

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Baby K needed a nap so us girls came inside, but the boys played for another hour.  The neighbours came over and Dilton got a friend, Frosty the snowman.  Dilton and Frosty are happily hanging out in the backyard.  The boys were tired but happy after a long afternoon of playing in the snow.

I can only assume the snow is here to stay.  I'm guessing we'll be seeing a lot more shoveling in our futures.

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Happy Snowmageddon!

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