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Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas stuff

This post has been in my drafts for a while.  We got hit by the plague and a week of my life passed so quickly and then it was the pre-Christmas rush and I had hardly any time for blogging.  Anyway!  I wanted to write about the stuff we did for Christmas this year.  Soon I'll write up how the big day went and get on with things.  It's almost the new year.

As the kids get older, our Christmas celebration gets more elaborate.  They understand more and I want to share more, do more, give them more.  This doesn't come easily for me. We didn't have a lot of money growing up so Christmas wasn't always the happiest time of year.  The tension oozed off my parents and it affected my brother and me and how we felt about the season.  It was always hard to go back to school in January and see the new things our friends had and their new clothes.

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My childhood didn't ruin Christmas for me, but it definitely made me a little jaded about especially the commercialization of the season.  Regardless of the number of gifts my kids get, I want them to remember the fun we have and the time we spend together and with our families and friends.  I want them to always be excited for Christmas.
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We've been doing lots of fun things, big and small, to celebrate.  We have our lights up outside and a sparkly green and red wreath on our front door.  Shimmery red garland goes along our banister all the way upstairs and red lights shine on our Christmas tree set up in the living room.

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We've decorated a gingerbread train and ornaments, we decorated our glass sliding door with window crayons, we've made two different kinds of ornaments, and I painted the kids' nails red and green.

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Little J and Baby K each have a sparkly red tree for their room and new Christmas pjs they love.  We took their picture and I made a Christmas card to send to our friends and family.  We took the kids to see Santa and even though they were both incredibly shy we talked about what they'd like for Christmas.  We also have a list with drawings of the school bus toys they are both coveting.

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We've been reading our Christmas books and the Christmas shows have been on constant repeat around here:  Team Umizoomi, Dora, Ice Age, and the classics (Rudolph, Frosty).  I found some free apps for Christmas games for my phone.  Baby K has been doing Christmassy puzzles for a while now.

Then there are all the activities this time of year.  Like our neighbourhood's pancake breakfast and the Santa parade in the next town over.  Also, Little J's friend Little C's party which included crafts and a book exchange and lunch and so much more.  We had dinner with A&S and S&L and Little R, Little JH and baby E.  It was a full turkey dinner with stuffing and veggies and potatoes and dessert.  We exchanged gifts and had a great time.

Then there's our new advent calendar.  It's a wooden Christmas tree with doors to open.  It's been great for teaching the kids their numbers and building up the season.  They know that when we reach the star it's Christmas.  They're excited!
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We're all excited!

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