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Sunday, December 30, 2012

Christmas 2012

I promised the details from our Christmas and here they are!

December 23rd
We went to a friend's annual Christmas party in the evening.  It was nice seeing everyone but a bit crazy for the kids to be out after dinner surrounded by people they didn't know.

December 24th, Christmas Eve
I dropped the kids off at J's work in the morning.  There were some activities for them there.  I went across the street to my work and hung out with my coworkers.  I had a good time and they had a good time. Win-win.  That afternoon we decorated some ornaments with icing and candy.

IMG_2134 (Medium)

That night we had dinner with J's family.  A new tradition of pizza for dinner is one I can really get behind.  We gave the kids their present to open: Christmas pjs.  Everyone was excited and it was a bit of a late night because of it.

_MG_0261.CR2 (Medium)

December 25th, Christmas Day
Baby K was up first and we let her wake up Little J.  First up was stockings for the kids.  Among other things, they both received a train and a school bus that they absolutely love. 

_MG_0299.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_0303.CR2 (Medium)

We went downstairs where J and I opened our stockings and we all opened our gifts.  So many excited squeals as the kids tore into their presents.

IMG_0313 (Medium)
We stuck to our present rule and got the kids 4 things each plus gifts from Santa.  It worked out well even if we forgot to wrap the hoodie and socks for Baby K.  Good thing she's too young to notice! 

Santa: Wooden puzzles and an Elmo game for the XBOX
Want: Car ramp toy (j) and a Little People farm (k)
Need: Underwear (j) and art for walls (k)
Read: Thomas books (2 each)
Wear: two hoodies and pjs (j) and hoodie, socks and pjs (k)

IMG_0323 (Medium)

J's parents and sister came over after breakfast.  We had a great time exchanging our gifts.  Baby K got a pair of Minnie Mouse pjs that came with a tutu that she insisted on wearing all day.  So cute!

IMG_0337 (Medium)

We packed up and went over to my parent's house.  We were able to spend a few hours there so we had time to exchange gifts, open everything up, have lunch and playplayplay.  Little J bonded with my brother over some ball hockey.

IMG_0352 (Medium)

We hit the road again hoping for car naps for Baby K and she did not disappoint.  We had dinner with J's family.

_MG_0364.CR2 (Medium)

December 26th, Boxing Day
This was J's sister's last day in town so we spent the morning with J's family.  We hit up McDonald's for lunch, one with a good playplace so the kids could run around.  Then Baby K had another car nap while we headed out for a get together with my family.  We had a big buffet style dinner with my dad's side of the family.  Again my brother entertained the kids for a lot of the night and J and I were able to sit and chat.

IMG_2155 (Medium)

December 27th
This was the first day during the holidays that we had no plans.  We took advantage by staying home and letting the kids play with their new toys.  I took advantage and slept in! 

IMG_2158 (Medium)

A lot of organizing and sorting got done, as well as a few loads of laundry.  We went for dinner with J's family again.

IMG_2159 (Medium)

And that was our Christmas!  Busy, full of time with family, lots of good food, and of course the presents.  We were incredibly spoiled, the kids ridiculously spoiled.  They love Christmas!  I hope you all had a great holiday too.

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