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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday - First Snow

We woke up to a blanket of snow Monday.  The kids went wild for it.

They eagerly put on their snowpants and boots, coats and hats.  Little J put on his mitts but not Baby K.  They couldn't wait to get outside.  First, they walked all over the driveway, then on the lawn.  Baby K giggled when Little J knocked the snow off the tree.

Later I took Little J out in the backyard while Baby K slept.  He ate mittful after mittful of snow, pausing after each bite to exclaim "Mmm cold!"  I couldn't get him back inside so I watched him play on the deck from just inside the door for a few minutes.

There is something so pure about the first snow of the season.  Sparkly and white.

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  1. we were so excited to see the first snow this year too! its so fun for the kids! my youngest fell in the snow and was quite upset and needed lots of cuddles and hot chocolate. my older daughter wants to keep snow in the freezer, and asks for hot chocolate every time we come in the house now-. but its a lot of fun- judging by the huge smiles on thier faces it looks like your kids had a blast too!

  2. Oh man, we are on snow number 8 million or so up here, and I honestly can't really remember the firt one anymore! It's too cold to take our little one out at the moment, a bit colder than minus 30 but sunny and awesome to look at. Your snow looks beautiful and super fun.