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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Toys my kids like

Many of the blogs I follow have gift guides this time of year.  Often the things listed are things the bloggers have been sent to review.  It's a money-maker for the blogger.  I get it.  But I don't believe the blogger is recommending the items even if they say they are.  Maybe I'm a little cynical.

Either way, I thought I'd put together a list of my own.  These are all things we own and the kids love.  If you have a little one they might too.  Feel free to send this post to your friends and family.

The best toy ever according to my kids is the plasma car.  We found one second hand and had to get another because they were fighting over it.  Not only that, our neighbours had to get one too so now we have a little plasma car gang.  These retail for $60 or so and are totally worth it.  Baby K was able to use it all summer, so from about 16 months, and they're rated to over 200 pounds.  It's not uncommon for J and I to hop on.

_MG_9993.CR2 (Medium)

A big ticket item that the kids love and play with daily is our train table.  You can always take your kids to Chapters and let them play with the one there to see if they like it.  If they do, it's an investment.  The table isn't cheap and takes up space, but the hours of entertainment makes it an awesome toy.  You don't need to go all out and splurge for the table though, small sets work just fine.  IKEA has a great track that comes with 4 wooden trains and works with all the Thomas trains.  As you can tell, Thomas is well loved. 

_MG_9977.CR2 (Medium)

Another big ticket item is a play kitchen.  I knew my kids loved these before we got one because they always run to play with it whenever we go to play group and it even lures them into the exam room at the doctor's office.  Don't forget the play food and some plastic dishes too.

_MG_9985.CR2 (Medium)

Now some smaller toys.  Mega Blocks are awesome.  Little J played with these at daycare when he was just wee and still plays with them almost every day.  At first he loved just dumping them out and putting them all back.  That evolved into sorting them by colour to building things and counting blocks.  Some sets come with animals and letters on them for more of an educational angle.  Either way, kids love these blocks.

_MG_9979.CR2 (Medium)

Other must haves are a block sorter and stacking cups or rings.  These are the toys we're going to keep so our grandkids can play with.  You know what made me think of this?  These are the toys my parents held onto and my kids love playing with when we go over there.  The block sorter can really frustrate younger kids, but they grow into it eventually.

_MG_9989.CR2 (Medium)

_MG_0006.CR2 (Medium)

This is a toy that my kids could play with for hours.  They haven't for a while because the batteries are dead and we have to do something about that.  It's a ball popper.  They put balls in and they get popped out.  A huge hit.  Cover the speaker with painters tape.  Your ears will thank you.

_MG_9992.CR2 (Medium) 

If your kids will sit still for any length of time, comfy chairs are nice.  I remember going to my best friend's house growing up and doing whatever I could to sit in their chair.  Our two love their little chairs.

_MG_9988.CR2 (Medium)

In their chairs the kids often watch tv but they also read books.  Lots and lots of books.  I really don't think a book is ever a bad gift idea.  Even if your kid is at the stage where they chew the book more than look at it, it doesn't matter.    

_MG_9996.CR2 (Medium)

Along with reading, my kids love to colour.  We have lots of colouring books and crayons, but they really really love markers.  We have Crayola PipSqueaks, which are stubby markers.  Perfect for little hands and washable.  Make sure to get the washable ones and don't cheap out and get dollar store washable because they aren't.  Believe me.

_MG_9991.CR2 (Medium)

So many people I know have this toy or one like it.  It's magnetic, ours in on our garage door, and the kids play with it when you're getting ready to go somewhere.  Genius.  We have the letter one but they also have animal ones.  Believe me, get one.

_MG_0004.CR2 (Medium)

On the animal theme, my kids love our animal bath toys.  We put these in their stockings last Christmas.  The animals joined the letters and numbers set we have.  I have both sets in mesh bags hanging from a shelf in the bath.  Just make sure to squeeze all the water out when the tub's draining otherwise you get moldy bath toys.

_MG_9998.CR2 (Medium)

When I was thinking about things we use all the time, I thought of sippy cups and snack cups (or snack catchers).  Cheerios, goldfish, raisins... everything goes in the snack cups and then you don't have to keep passing food back to the kids in the car.  Crumbs can and will escape but overall the food is contained and your kids are fed.  Perfect.

_MG_9973.CR2 (Medium)

I doubt you'd have a problem finding any of these toys, but if you do, please send me a message and I'll let you know where we go it.

Is there anything that your kids absolutely love that I should know about?  Little J has his heart set on a toy school bus for Christmas this year.  

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