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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Big Clean Update

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It's been three months since I declared it time for The Big Clean and I wanted to update you on our progress. If you can call doing very little "progress". Oof. We've been finding it incredibly hard to carve out time to do anything other than the bare necessities around the house. Even if I want to go through the piles of boxes the kids want to play. And that's okay because that's where we're at. I knew this was going to take a while.

Even so we have made some progress and it feels good.  Here's the breakdown by room.

Basement basement
This is the unfinished part of our basement where our laundry is, and our furnace and hot water tank and stuff.  Lots of boxes and bins and crap.  The goal here is to organize the space better and go through what's there and get rid of what we don't need.

I really thought we'd start here but J had other plans.  While we did get rid of some stuff we also moved stuff in from other areas of the house.  The reality is that this is our main storage area and will always have stuff in it.    

This is the finished part of our basement where our tv lives and tons of kids toys and our computer area.  I'd like to go through and organize the kids toys and figure out a better system for our papers (bills, receipts, manuals, important stuff) and find a permanent home for our camera and accessories.  Eventually I'd like to finish the space by putting something up on the walls.

The only thing I've done here is to grab a bin to put camera stuff in.  It actually helps a lot but it's not great, just good.

Front Hall and Powder Room
This space just needs a bit of organization.  We need to use our closet better and I think we need more hooks for the kid's stuff.  I'd also like to put something on the wall right by the door.  I have a picture printed and framed... just need to hang it up.

We haven't touched the closet but we did hang up hooks for the kids stuff and a family picture above it.  With winter coming we'll need to use the closet more so that will probably be tackled soon.

Our kitchen isn't well organized at all and I'd love to really think about what should go where and make better use of the cupboards that are filled with random stuff.  We also have one shelf in a cupboard with crap and a pile on the counter that we cannot seem to get rid of.

The only change I made in the kitchen was to put J's coffee mugs and my tea cups and tea near the coffee machine and kettle.  A small change but makes a difference.  

Living Room & Dining Room
This is probably the most organized space in our house.  I think we could go through the toys and figure out if we can toss any and maybe if we can use our cabinets better.

If anything this room got worse!  We got a bunch of toys from a toy rental company for a review I'm doing so there are toys everywhere.  We also need to figure out somewhere to put the Christmas tree so things have been shuffled around.   

Stairs and Hallway upstairs
Not much going on here either, maybe just something for walls.

I bought some frames for the wall and just need to figure out what pictures to get printed and then hang them up.  I think they'll look really nice.

I need to figure out how to best use the space under the sink and in the linen closet.  I also need to go through and get rid of a bunch of stuff, mostly lotions and soaps for babies, that we were given but won't use.  We're going to talk about putting up a towel rack too.


Master Bedroom and closet
Our room is pretty good too though I'd love to get another dresser for the corner to use as storage and to go through our clothes and do a big purge and organize everything.  I have some pictures to hang above our dressers.

I've been using our room to take pictures of things to sell so it's a disaster, but it'll get better once I can get rid of some stuff.  J has been slowly going through his clothes and has some to donate.

Master Bathroom
Unfortunately this bathroom is used to store things so either they need to be organized better or they need to be tossed.  Probably a bit of both.  Full disclosure:  we have a big cat perch in our tub.  J would also be happy if we repainted his bathroom.


Baby K's Room and Little J's Room
The kids rooms are pretty clean and tidy except the closets.  We've been using the closets to store things and I know we should clear them out eventually so that's on the list.  Baby K also needs a few more things on her walls and eventually her room will need to be reorganized as it's a bit packed right now with a crib, bed and two dressers.

Little J got some fun car stickers for his wall and Baby K is getting some art for her walls for Christmas.  Don't tell her!

Garage and Shed
J keeps the garage and shed pretty clean, but we need to shift some things around in order to get both cars in the garage for the winter.  J has already brought the snowblower to the garage and lots of kids toys will be migrating to the shed for the winter.

J did a great job moving things to the shed and with the Miata instead of the Mazda 3 we have more space in the garage.  We're also going to sell our stroller so that will free up space too.

Baby steps, friends.  Baby steps.  And for those people who wanted to know how we were going to get this done with the kids around, well, the answer is, slooooowly.  We do things on the weekend when one of us takes the kids outside or to the store and the other stays home (this is when the majority of the cleaning gets done too) or after they've gone to bed.  This is going to take a while.

Follow our progress by reading my first post with an outline of the plan.

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