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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Peeing with the door open

Years ago when I would stumble on J peeing with the door open it was awkward and embarassing.  I didn't get it.  I always closed the bathroom door.  So we had a rule:  he could pee with the door open when I wasn't home or when we were on different floors in the house.

Well friends, I am a changed woman.  I find myself peeing with the door open more often than not.  I think that in the years that have passed, since I've been pregnant and I've given birth, some of my modesty is gone.  Okay, a lot of it is.

Now a closed bathroom door is just a barrier between me and my kids since I'm most often home with them and no one else.  If I do close the door they stand on the other side, pounding relelntlessly.  If they are off somewhere, I can't hear them as well and those times are the worst because I know they're getting into trouble, pulling all the books off the shelves or all the clothes out of the drawers.

Bottom line, J was onto something all those years ago.  I get it now.

NaBloPoMo <br>November 2012

November 16: Would I buy my dream house if the price was right BUT I also was told it was inhabited by ghosts?

What kind of question is this?  Of course I would, but if you ever mentioned it to my kids who would probably get freaked out, game over.

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