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Sunday, November 18, 2012

I hate losing things

I'm not a love/hate person.  I don't use the words Love and Hate often or lightly, but I HATE losing things. 

We've lost Baby K's amber necklace and a sippy cup.  Sounds small.  Sounds simple, but to me it isn't.  I think about these things at least weekly.  I keep thinking of places they could be, places I haven't looked. 

Losing things drives me crazy.  Tell me I'm not the only one.  I'm just happy I'm blissfully unaware of all the other things I'm sure I've lost over the years.


  1. Oh, I am so with you. Drives me crazy. Especially things like the last puzzle piece, when I know it's out there somewhere just waiting to be found and returned to its box.

  2. I can completely sympathise with you. I have been battling with what I would call loosing things disorder for years, It has got worse after children. I will turn my house upside down looking for things and if this fails ill spend time trawling the Internet for a replacement. Meanwhile it actually causes me physical distress and anxiety. I know it's stupid but I can't reason with myself or be logical at that time.