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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

I am so proud

I am so proud of my little man.  This morning he was able to tell me our address and phone number.

I've heard more than a few stories of kids falling asleep on the bus or just not getting off at the right stop.  If this happens and they don't know where they live or how to call home problems arise.  Ever since hearing these stories I knew I didn't want that to happen to my kids.  Or me for that matter - the stress!

It's important to me that Little J knows this information.  Baby K too but I've got more time with her.  I figured if Little J could remember all sorts of stuff from books and movies, he could learn to string together some numbers and a street name.

Now he can.  It took months of me repeating our information, not every day, but when I thought of it.  And now, with two months before Little J starts preschool (10ish months before he starts junior kindergarten), he knows his address and his phone number.

My mama heart is proud and I'm happy.  Have you taught your kids this information?  Do you think it's important that they know it before starting school?  

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  1. Yay!!

    I've seen kids wear little name-tags that had their addresses/phone numbers on it. But still it is important information to know!