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Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween 2012

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I was looking forward to Halloween this year. I knew that Little J was old enough to really get it and Baby K does whatever her brother does.  A lot of build up to the main event was all the kids needed to get really excited.

We started with some decorations.  I pulled out the bin from the basement.  I got the kids to help me put the gel stickers up on the windows and I hung a new sign on the front door.  We had our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch on the front step along with the one Little J decorated at the Harvest Festival.

Also in the bin was our little collection of Halloween books.  I think the books were key to preparing the kids for the big day.  For days and days we read about pumpkins and costumes and trick or treating.  I think this helped them understand what to expect and taught them about ghosts and witches and jack-o-lanterns.


I put on some Halloween shows for them too. Mickey Mouse ClubHouse, Max and Ruby, and Yo Gabba Gabba all have Halloween episodes. The kids also did Halloween crafts at playgroup and at home.

J picked up costumes for the kids when they went on sale at Costco. This happened a while ago but they go fast so I'm glad he did. He chose a firefighter for Little J and an elephant for Baby K. They were both thrilled with their costumes and loved their McDonalds happy meal buckets.

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The kids were both sick in the days leading up to Halloween and with Hurricane Sandy hitting the East Coast and rain forecast, I wasn't getting my hopes up for the perfect Halloween night.  But we really lucked out with a pretty mild night with no rain and no puking.

J carved the big pumpkin before dinner.  The kids were pretty grossed out but watched him work.  We saved some seeds to plant in the garden next year.

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After dinner, we put the kids in their costumes and headed out.

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I am so proud of Little J and Baby K. They both started off shy but after a few houses were saying Trick-or-Treat and thank you. Baby K always opened with her cute elephant sound. We only went to about 20 houses but by the time we got home their buckets were full. We met up with the neighbours a couple times and Halloween wouldn't be complete without a picture of them together.

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When we got back home I made the kids sit on the step so I could take their picture.  Don't they look so happy? They were on quite the high and they didn't even have any sugar
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When we got inside, the kids dumped their buckets and played with the candy.  We didn't even let them have any, but playing with it was entertainment.

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I would call that a successful night.  I'm so happy that Little J and Baby K had a great time and my belly is happy with all the candy, well, mostly the chocolates.
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And now a quick stroll down memory lane... In 2009 (Halloween 2009), Little J wasn't even 2 months old.  We dressed him as Charlie Brown in a hand made costume and went to a party.  He got passed around and then slept in his carseat beside his friend Little R.

In 2010 (Halloween 2010), we made Little J a Super Mario costume and took him out trick or treating for the first time.  It was chilly and he was more into walking on the crunchy snow that had just fallen than going up to houses.  Baby K was still in my belly then.

Last year (Halloween 2011), Little J was a monkey and Baby K was a lion.  We borrowed both costumes.  We took the kids out and went to a few houses.  Little J was incredibly shy but did have fun walking around with neighbour A.

I hope everyone had a great Halloween!