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Saturday, November 24, 2012

Christmas gift tradition

We started a Christmas tradition in our family two years ago and I'm happy that we're still doing it this year.  For gifts for the kids we use this rhyme:

Something you want
Something you need
Something to wear
Something to read

We give our kids 4 things for Christmas.  They also get a stocking, one gift from Santa, and PJs to open Christmas Eve.  We feel like this will stop us from buying too much for our kids, but also teach them that Christmas isn't about getting tons and tons of stuff.  We want them to appreciate the things we have and to cherish the things they do get.  

IMG_0681 (Medium)

Now that Little J is getting older we'll explain this to him and answering any questions he has.  Baby K too, but I'm guessing she won't have any just yet.

Here is what we got the kids the last two years in case you need some ideas.

Last year, Little J was 2 years and a few months old and Baby K was 10 months old.

_MG_6133.CR2 (Medium)

something you want (from Santa) - big train table (j) and ball popper (k)
something you need - potty and winter boots (j) and pink car (k)
something to wear - pants, a shirt/long sleeved onesies and socks (j&k)
something to read - a book about winter animals (j) and a book about first words (k)

In 2010, Little J was 15 months old and Baby K wasn't born yet.

IMG_2708 (Medium)

something you want - mega blocks
something you need - plastic dishes
something to wear - jeans, a onesie and socks
something to read - a book about animals that has flaps and things to feel and flip
Santa - leap frog fridge magnets (a big hit with all the kids we know)

As you can see, one year Little J got "something he wanted" AND a gift from Santa and the other it was combined.  We're still trying to decide what to do about Santa.

Do you have any gift giving traditions?  Any ways to keep Christmas from being all about the toys?


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