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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Being a cook and a pet lover

NaBloPoMo <br>November 2012

I was going to write a post, hadn't quite figured out what about, but I got caught up in the NaBloPoMo prompts. 

November 14: The best meal I've ever cooked

I can't think of one.  I'm not a good cook, not interested in being in the kitchen more than necessary.  If I could, I'd hire a personal chef.  

November 15: My favourite pet

I don't like this question.  I've had lots of pets, some I've liked more than others, some I had longer than others, but a favourite?  I don't think I can choose.  Here's a rundown.  Grab a coffee.

Ebony, my cat growing up.  She was black and white and I loved her.  We had her for 8 years and she slept beside my head every night.  Ebony survived our busy street but, after moving to a new house on a quieter street, came home one night with a bullet lodged in her shoulder.  I think I was 9 and my parents let me decide whether to try and save her life with surgeries or let her go.  I chose to let her go and cried for weeks.

Charlie, the family dog.  I wasn't keen on getting a dog.  I'm not a dog person and always thought Charlie smelled bad.  But he was loyal and lasted for years even after being hit by a car right in front of me and my brother.

A string of cats... we had bad luck with traffic where we lived.  Obviously.  We did have a couple Siamese cats we bred and had litters of kittens now and then.  I loved having kittens around.  My favourite was when a pile of them followed me downstairs one morning when I went to the bathroom.  They would jump on the toilet seat to get on the counter but that morning the lid was up and one poor little guy jumped right in the toilet!

Saturn and Hyper, my parents' current cats, a Siamese and a calico.  Saturn was born in my bedroom and has a kink in her tail.  Hyper was brought home to keep Saturn company when Charlie died.  They are both very aloof.  Hyper is named after Hyperion, a moon of Saturn.  Now you know.

Max, my parents' current dog, a hyper but extremely loyal border collie/Cocker spaniel mix.  She was a pet store puppy who obviously wasn't treated well before we got her.  She has issues but is very sweet.

For a year at university, we had a house cat.  I can't remember her name but it was nice to have a cat since I was missing mine at home.

For a few years, J and I kept J's parents' cats, Chester and Sydney, two Devon Rexes.  They were higher maintenance than any cat I'd had before.

Sandy and Rolo, Devon Rexes that J and I got right after we were married.  Rolo's been gone 4 years so it's just Sandy now.  Sandy doesn't get the attention she wants with the kids around, but every night we spoon.  She's very patient with the kids, who are actually quite gentle with her.

Having pets has taught me so much.  I learned about death and injuries and about birth and kittens.  I've sat up late wondering if my outdoor cat was gone for good, I've woken up early to feed a starving cat.  I sat in amazement watching kittens being born and sat in disgust watching the aftermath.  I learned that cats can have kittens in the same litter with more than one daddy.

I can't imagine my life without pets in general, but specifically having cats around.  But I can't choose a favourite. 

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  1. Hah, I had no idea cats could have multiple baby daddies at once, thanks for my something new today!