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Sunday, November 25, 2012

Baby K 21 Months

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This was a busy month.  Lots of outings to play group and the train museum and the farm.  Baby K spent some time with just her dad and brother while I was on my course.  The Friday night was the hardest, but Saturday and Sunday were long days too.

We finally found a hat Baby K will wear:  a Minnie Mouse one that she loves.  She sings the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse song whenever she puts in on.

Baby K has really started with the tantrums and the hitting.  She has spent some time in her room on timeouts this month.  She started grinding her teeth and was super sick for about a week.  That led to bad sleep and a cranky girl.

Baby K got a little better at climbing and can now get up onto her change table and from there into her crib.  She can also jump but just barely.

Ug.  Baby K isn't eating as much as I think she should be.  I hope it's her that she has new teeth coming in (she's still missing her canines and her last set of molars).

Baby K is a chatter box.  She is constantly talking or singing or laughing.  She repeats everything you say and mimics her brother.

The time change seemed to change Baby K's sleep a bit but so did being sick.  On a regular day she will nap after lunch and go to bed between 8 and 9pm.  She'll wake a few times to eat and be up for the day between 6 and 7.  On weekends she seems to need a nap earlier, won't nap for as long and go to bed earlier.  Some days she won't nap at all and then goes to bed early.  This is around the time Little J dropped his nap so I'm hoping Baby K holds onto hers for a while longer.

Nothing new to report.  Baby K is still wearing 18-24 month and 2T clothing, size 5 or 6 shoe, and size 4 or 5 disposable diaper overnight (5 because we ran out of 4s).  

That was a long month with J gone and being sick and my course.  Thankfully things are getting back to normal... just in time for the holidays.

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