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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Wordless{ish} Wednesday - The Pumpkin Patch

After swimming lessons Saturday morning and a quick stop at home to grab the camera, we headed out to Miller's in Manotick for some pumpkin fun.  A fall tradition, it's our third year going and every year it gets a little better as the kids get older. 


At Miller's there are pumpkins everywhere.  They have hay rides and bundles of hay for the kids to jump on.  They have a little wooden house full of pumpkins.  They have flowers and little wooden reindeer and squash and corn stalks.  Basically everything for a perfect fall outing.  And the weather Saturday was beautiful, a bit cooler than the other times we've been, but bright and sunny.

_MG_9597.CR2 (Medium)

When we first get there, we set the kids down and let them go.  The first thing that caught their eye were the little wooden Christmas reindeer.  They had small ones and bigger ones and I almost suggested we take one home.  They remind me of the rocking horse I had growing up and I can totally picture one on our front porch.


After quickly glancing at the pumpkins, the kids head for the hay.  There are bales of hay set in a circle that the kids can climb and jump off.  There's loose hay in the middle, but the jumping is the best.


We drag the kids away to take the obligatory sign shot and actually get a decent picture with them both looking the same way.  

_MG_9622.CR2 (Medium)

We let them pick a pumpkin and of course they settle on a greenish oddly shaped one.  Thankfully they don't notice when J grabs a better looking orange one.


They love to sit on the cart with the pumpkin and ride happily together.  Note the hay on Little J's hat.  He had hay everywhere.

_MG_9667.CR2 (Medium)

As with past years, we let the kids pick out a wee pumpkin each.  They hold them all the way home and put them on the front step beside the big pumpkin.

_MG_9665.CR2 (Medium)

Then it was time to pay for our pumpkins and head home.  I don't think Miller's is as big as some other places in town, but it's nice and clean and the pumpkins are a good price.  It's also closer for people like us living south of the city.  I'm happy we kept the tradition alive and look forward to visiting again next year.

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