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Tuesday, October 23, 2012


Back to normal.  Except not at all.

Back to regular blogging, but my life is anything but normal this week.  See, J is out of town for work training.  He left yesterday afternoon and is gone until Friday.

We were thinking about the times he's been away since Little J was born just over three years ago.  We couldn't think of any, at least not overnight.  And now he's gone for four nights and it's Little J and Baby K he'll be missing.  Me and Sandy too obviously.

I'm jealous that he's doing something different and jealous of the big comfy bed he gets to cozy up in and that his alarm clock will be the only thing waking him up.  He's jealous of all the hugs and kisses I'll be getting.  The grass is always greener, friends.

I took the kids to J's parent's house last night for dinner and distraction.  It worked.  We got home with full bellies later than usual.  J sent us a picture of himself and we took some silly pictures to send to him.  I managed to gets the kids to bed and even had a chance to watch some tv.

This morning we were able to Skype with J before he went to training.  That made the kids super happy.  Then it was time for Little J's friend to come over for more distraction.

Distraction:  the name of the game.  Here's to a good week.

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