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Tuesday, October 16, 2012

The Agriculture Museum

One chilly morning last week we made our way to the Agriculture Museum.  If you live in Ottawa or are ever in town, I'd recommend taking the kids.  Slightly rainy days are the best because it's so much less busy than the nice days.

We have a membership and have been often enough that we have a route we take through the farm.

First we start at the barn with the horses and cows and a huge bull, Goody.  At the door is a horse to ride that Little J hopped on and pretended to ride.

IMG_5522 (Medium)

I don't know if the alpaca, two of them, have always been there and I've just missed them or if they're new, but I couldn't get over this guy's face and the fact that he had a piece of straw sticking out of his mouth.

IMG_5517 (Medium)

The kids liked him too.

IMG_5478 (Medium)

Then we check out the cows and horses outside.  This time there was a wooly cow.  I don't know how to explain that any better, he was wooly.  Maybe he wasn't a cow come to think of it....

IMG_5480 (Medium)

From there, the kids can see the park so it's tough but I drag them to see the chickens before they are lured away.

IMG_5485 (Medium)

When I can finally get them away from the awesome play structures, we head to the barn that has the goats and sheep, the big boy bunny in a cage by himself, and the pigs in the back.  We've been skipping right to the pigs because Little J got so scared by a goat our first time at the farm, but they did really well this trip.  Baby K even got up close to a little black sheep.  This is where we met up with my friend JB and her two little Js.

Of course Little J has to get up on the donation pig while Baby K watches.

IMG_5497 (Medium)

And of course the only picture I take of the three of us looks like this.

IMG_5496 (Medium)

After the pigs we have to drag the boys past the park to see the cows.  This barn is full of big cows that scared Baby K this trip.  Cows are much bigger that you expect and she was not a happy girl.  They all seemed to like the baby cows just fine though.  One of them was less than a week old.

IMG_5508 (Medium)

And after that, we let the kids go free at the park again.  They loved climbing and sliding and bouncing and running around until a group of older kids came.  We left with the clouds threatening rain.

IMG_5515 (Medium)

It was a good trip and I'm glad for our membership.  The toughest part is explaining to kids why we can't go see the animals every day.

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  1. That place looks really cool! Love that he felt the need to ride the donation pig LOL