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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Our Thanksgiving weekend

Happy Thanksgiving weekend, Canadians!  What a great weekend, seriously, the weather was perfect, we had plenty of time with family, and cooked our first Thanksgiving dinner ourselves. 

We prepped for the weekend by making some turkey crafts last week.  The kids each made a toilet paper roll turkey and Little J also made a feather turkey at playgroup.

IMG_5415 (Medium)

J has a pretty big family and lots and lots of them were in town for the weekend.  We cashed in on this and saw them Friday night, Saturday night AND Sunday night.  I love love love not having to make dinner so this was amazing.  We did pizza Friday, chicken Saturday and turkey Sunday.   

_MG_9533.CR2 (Medium)

And we had a dance party one of the nights.  Just because.

My brother and his girlfriend decided to stay home this weekend so instead of a big family dinner we just had my parents over Saturday morning for a little visit after swimming lessons.  

_MG_9522.CR2 (Medium)

Monday night was free so we decided it was time to start our own family traditions and made a huge dinner.  Thankfully S&L could join us because it was a lot of food.  That's what you get when you buy a ham from Costco.  We had a nice time with our friends and the kids had a great time playing together.

IMG_9574 (Medium)

Why my kids needed to hold up their drinks to the camera I don't know.

Saturday was also the Harvest Festival in Manotick, the next town over.  I took Little J while Baby K and J napped.  We had such a great time.  It was nice having some time with my little man.

The festival was right near the mill which is on the water and Little J loved running along the bridge and watching the ducks.

IMG_5446 (Medium)

IMG_5457 (Medium)

They had booths set up and a guy making balloon animals and two girls doing face painting.  Little J got a butterfly on his cheek.  He really enjoyed the pumpkin painting.

IMG_5460 (Medium)

We bought an apple to share and ate that while we waited for the horse drawn wagon ride.  I think the highlight for Little J was when one of the horses peed while we were stopped.  I never thought about how much pee a horse could pee.  It's a lot.

IMG_5461 (Medium)

IMG_5462 (Medium)

It was a great weekend.  So busy and fun and full of food and family.  It was nice being home yesterday, catching up on laundry and cleaning while cooking our big meal.  And today we're back to normal, meal planning and figuring out what to do this week.  I hope you had a great weekend too. 

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  1. Love the picture of the babe's holding up their drinks! too funny!