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Monday, October 1, 2012


Where did September go?

Okay October, you're here.  Fine.  I can deal with that.  And now that I'm dealing with the fact that it's October, how about some mini goals for the month? 


Thanksgiving dinner:  Thanksgiving is next weekend already.  It doesn't look like my family will be having a Thanksgiving dinner, so J and I have decided to start our own tradition.  I think we'll do a ham because that's easy and we'll likely be having turkey with J's family.

Another 5K:  I'm toying with the idea of doing another race.  There are a few around town in October and that will keep me running for another few weeks.

Baking:  October is perfect for pumpkin everything.  I'm thinking pumpkin bread and bars.

Playgroup:  I want to start going to playgroup at least once a week.  They're offered three times a week and they're free.  It's a great way to get out of the house for the morning and the kids get to play with different toys and try messy crafts that I won't do at home.  Win win. 

Reading:  My doula course is the first weekend in November and I have more required readings to do.  I think I have three books on the go... I just need to put aside the fiction books and focus. 

The Big Clean:  J has already done some work in the basement basement and we need to tackle the front hall before it gets too cold.  We found the toques and mitts already.

IMG_0870 (Medium)

Halloween party for the kids:  It might be fun to get Little J's friends together during the day like we did for Valentine's Day. 

Christmas shopping:  I want to figure out who we need to buy gifts for and get started on my shopping.  First step is to make a list.

I think that's good.  Anyone else have things to get done this month?  Ready for Halloween yet? 


  1. Great goals!

    My only goal is to get through the month without forgetting anything! And to make better use of my calendar to avoid forgetting anything!

  2. Run in Rattle me Bones :-) Yay fun!!

    No family thanksgiving for me this year - first in about 6 years or so! So I think we are just making a turkey ourselves and eating all of it.