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Monday, October 29, 2012


Here I am on the other side of a week without J around.  I survived.  The kids survived.  It wasn't always pretty but we did it.

Things really turned around Friday.  The kids slept in and after a lazy start to the day, my friend SH came over with Little JH and Baby E.  My two just love Baby E.  They couldn't get enough of her.

IMG_1268 (Medium)

We took the kids to the park.  Little J held Little JH's hand while Baby K and Baby E got pushed in the stroller.  The kids got to play and SH and I got to chat.  It's nice to have friends step up, come over and make the day go by a little faster.

Keeping with my resolution to watch less tv and get out more, I took Little J outside before Baby K woke up that afternoon.  We were playing out front when J got home.  Little J couldn't even wait for him to get out of the car before giving him a huge hug.  Baby K was excited to see her dad too.

IMG_1289 (Medium)

He brought with him noisy Halloween books that have since become favourites.  We had a nice dinner and relatively normal night until Little J got sick.  It came out of nowhere, but we dealt with it and Little J settled down with fresh sheets, a new blanket and his dad's bear.

The rest of the weekend was a bit of a blur.  With no swimming lessons Saturday morning, we were free to stay home and be lazy.  We got some cleaning done and regular weekend stuff.  We also threw in a trip to the Science and Tech museum, a stroll through a nearby mall, and a quick trip to the Agriculture museum.  Last night was dinner with J's family with cake.

IMG_1299 (Medium)

IMG_1304 (Medium)

Unfortunately though Friday night wasn't the only time Little J was sick.  Since then he's puked once a day but is otherwise acting normal.  It was only this morning that he was actually acting sick.  So we spent the morning in our PJs watching movies.  I don't mind a lazy day I just hope he feels better soon.  I hope the rest of us stay healthy.

I'm glad J is home.  I really missed him, especially during the busy after-work-before-bed time last week.  It was so nice having friends and family help out but there's nothing like having my little family together under one roof again.

Here's to a happy week, friends!

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