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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Just Thursday

I think we all have days that we just feel sorry for ourselves.  We're in a funk and we just can't shake it.  Unfortunately that's me today.  And nothing major happened, just little things and my everyday life, a combination of things.  Nothing.

I was able to get out yesterday morning by myself for a couple hours while J's mom came and played with the kids.  They love her and hardly noticed I was gone I'm sure.  And I enjoyed my freedom:  I got my hair cut and took my time shopping.  It was nice.  I wish I could do it every day.

This morning I had planned to take the kids to play group and maybe the library and maybe the grocery store.  Where we went would depend on what time we left the house.  Well, we didn't leave the house on time at all.  It was more than an hour of me trying to get them out, without pushing too hard because it's just not worth it.  Thankfully it was a beautiful day so we spent some time at the park late morning.

Right when I had just sat down for lunch, my reheated leftovers that I wasn't excited about, the kids with their leftovers, I get a text from J saying he was meeting our friends for lunch.  Boom:  Funk.  No fun lunches for me.

It gets worse.  I'm moaning in my head about how I'm not able to go out for fun lunches when it hits me.  I have nothing to talk about anyway.  Why would my friends want to meet me for lunch.  See?  Feeling sorry for myself.

Baby K was flirting with not having a nap today but she finally fell asleep.  I don't know where I'd be if she hadn't.  I need a little time to zone out in front of the tv and so does Little J.  It's our quiet time and when Baby K doesn't nap none of us gets a break.

This is the season of my life.  I'm at home with my kids.  And I'm happy about it.  But I do miss the freedom (really?) that comes with leaving the house every day.  I'd love to meet friends for lunch, I'd love for some regular adult interaction, I'd love to have something other than my kids to talk about.
I'd love to be in Toronto this weekend.  There are two big social media conferences there and I feel like I'm missing out.

But I love my kids and their crazy ways.  I love that they forgive me for feeding them dinner over an hour late because we got struck in traffic when we didn't even have to be out. 

This is a chapter of my life and I'm happy.  I just need a day like today every now and then to remember that.


  1. adult time......?? what is that? ;-)

    I spend my time telling teenagers to be quiet/trying to teach them then I go home and talk baby talk.

    I would like to go to one of those social media conferences but either my hubby is busy with some sort of work thing and in reality he wouldn't understand ;-)

    1. Oh I know, Rebecca. Most people I know in real life don't understand social media or aren't as into it as I am. You should try for SoCapOtt next year though. It's easier to justify when it's in town.

  2. Aw, just one of those days...tomorrow will be better.