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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

First swimming session

Like I mentioned yesterday, we didn't have swimming lessons this past weekend.  The first session is done.

It was a six week session offered through the city at a pool not far from us.  Swimming lessons fill up quickly in our city, so on registration day, which was actually an evening a couple months ago, I eagerly waited at my computer hitting refresh until I got in to the online system.  I was able to get the kids into sessions at the same pool at the same time.

That meant that J and I both had to be in the pool because the kids were in parented levels.  It was a family affair.  Not only that, but because the pool is so small, the classes were actually combined.  It worked out really well and we all enjoyed being together.

The kids learned front and back floats, how to jump in and how to kick.  We worked with them on putting their heads under water, but that's scary and didn't go over well.  They both made progress and according to the report cards they were given, they passed their levels.  Even so they'll be in the same levels next session.

_MG_9840.CR2 (Medium)

There are three parented levels from ages 4 months to 3 years.  Baby K will do the duck level again and Little J will do sea turtle again.  Our hope is that one more time in the same session will let both kids work on the skills and gain more confidence in the water.  Little J needs to move on to non-parented levels after this, something we're not sure he's ready for.

Before the next session starts mid-November we'll be working on blowing bubbles in the bath and we hope to get the kids to the pool at least once for a family swim.  It's important to us that our kids know how to swim so we'll do whatever we can do to help them learn.

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