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Thursday, October 11, 2012


Happy first ever International Day of the Girl!  I am so happy to be a girl and very grateful for the opportunities I've been afforded by being in Canada.  Girls aren't treated as equal everywhere in the world and this day is aiming to change that.  I hope to do my part, a small part, by helping women achieve the birth they want through my future doula work.

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Now, on to what's currently going on in my little world.      

Loving:  TV!  Seriously.  It's so nice having fresh new tv to watch every single day.  I get lost in episode after episode and stay up later than I should.

Also loving:  All the family time this past weekend.  It's so nice seeing the kids get comfortable with our extended family and really enjoy themselves.  They showed off their yoga moves and gave hugs.

Reading:  The Help by Kathryn Stockett.  It was in the giant bag of books I got from my sister in law, SJ, and is a look at the inequality between whites and blacks in the South in the 60s.  It's hard to believe life was actually like that.  I should be reading pregnancy books before my doula course in November though.  And I am.  Slowly.

Watching:  I have a whole post drafted about the shows I'm watching so I'll keep this short and just say that I'm really getting into all the new shows.  I still have some shows to catch up on before I can start watching the episodes that are on now.  Whew!

Thinking about:  Some random lists, like my three favourite smells or top three albums.  My favourite smells, for the record, would be rain, arenas and the smell of baking cookies.  I'm still narrowing down my favourite albums, but know for sure that Green Day's American Idiot is on there.

Stressing about:  Food, sorta.  I just want to be better at food.  I want to buy better food, make better food, feed my family better.  Cooking is such a chore, something I really don't enjoy, but what we eat is so important and I'm sure I wouldn't be holding on to the last bit of baby weight if I ate better.  Meal planning is a good start, but I really need to make some changes around here.

Looking forward to:  The day both my kids sleep through the night.  And when they can toilet themselves and not need their faces wiped after every single meal.

Enjoying:  Seeing Little J grow into a little person more and more every day.  He's smart and funny and caring and observant.  Yesterday he looked into my eyes and said "Mom, your eyes are blue just like my sister's."  It's also fun seeing him interact with other kids, how he can share and play nice but also get frustrated and fight.  And the stories he tells, the words he uses, the things he notices. 

Not enjoying:  All the hitting my kids are doing lately.  Despite being super good to each other most of the time, they frustrate each other and lately have been hitting each other too.  Oh siblings.

Hoping:  To write some articles for some sites.  I blog over at Ottawa Mommy Club and am drafting some posts for Kids in the Capital and Yummy Mummy Club too.  Did you read my latest post about putting Little J in preschool?  I'd love if you'd check it out.  

And that's it.  What have you been up to lately?  Enjoying the cooler weather and left overs from the weekend?  I definitely am!

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