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Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Baby K 19 months

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Baby K is a wild thing.  She loves to climb and jump and won't hold your hand on the stairs anymore.  She loves going upside down and being chased.  She loves colouring with markers (orange is her favourite colour) and is obsessed with Winnie the Pooh.  She's quite fond of the new play kitchen and a doll house we recently brought out.  She loves the Minnie Mouse and Pluto dolls we have.

There was a bit of a rough spot this month when we lost her beloved Hophop (security blanket) and her sleep was affected.  We found it but things haven't been the same since.

She's starting to joke around and loves when you hide and jump out.  She'll hide behind her hands and, after peeking a few times, will yell boo!  She loves yelling her version of 1-2-3 wake up! if you pretend to sleep.  She will grab you by the nose or face if you lie down and she wants you to sit up.  She's super affectionate and goes in for a hug, a pat and a kiss (tiss!).

She loves to sit on the potty and brush her teeth and wash her hands.  She's obsessed with water and will play in the sink or the tub for hours.  She's pretty good in the pool but gets cold quickly.  She went through a few weeks when she was completely obsessed with buckles but that seems to have passed.  

Baby K is starting to identify colours and can count to 2.  She knows most of the parts of the body and a lot of animal sounds.  She sings songs and reads books to herself.  

Baby K is still adventurous and will try everything.  She loves hummus, oh my goodness does she ever love hummus.  She also loves juice, something Little J hadn't even tried until recently. 

Baby K is super smart and is speaking well.  She says tons of words, puts together 2, 3, 4 word sentences, is learning new words every day.  She still signs some things: please, more, thank you.

Baby K went through a rough period where getting her down for a nap was brutal but generally her sleep hasn't changed.  She sleeps from about 8:30pm until 7am, waking up to eat once or twice, and naps once a day.  She slept well at the cottage.

Baby K is 22 pounds and 12 ounces and 34 inches tall.  I've met a lot of people with babies a year younger who weigh the same.  She's seriously a light weight, but tall.  

This was a busy month with the last couple weeks of August and then family birthdays in early September.  Time to get things back to normal and stop eating so much cake. 

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