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Monday, September 17, 2012

When the weekend throws you right off

We had a great weekend with birthdays and swimming and a wedding and lots of time with family. It was pretty damn good. But today? Today I feel like I'm so behind on everything.

It was J's birthday Saturday so we had a couple over for dinner Friday night. J barbecued in the rain and we had a nice dinner. The kids were super shy at first but after a bit were showing off all their toys and being typically loud and crazy. Having plans on a Friday always makes the weekend seem long, in a good way.

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Saturday morning I tried to let J sleep in but the kids were so excited that it was his birthday that they busted in to our room. We gave him his presents and went to swimming. We got the kids fed and got Baby K to sleep right before J's parents showed up. They came to watch the kids so we could go to my cousin C's wedding.

The wedding was only about 10 minutes away. The ceremony was short and sweet under a gazebo outside in front of a big pond. My cousin looked beautiful and so happy. It was nice to catch up with her and the rest of my family. J and I were seated at the kid's table with my cousins, next to the table with my parents and aunt and uncle. It was fun seeing my parents dance up a storm, but they were no match for the groom who danced all night.

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We got home around midnight and sent J's parents home. Baby K slept straight through until 6am so I got a decent chunk of sleep and I was able to get up with the kids and let J sleep in for real. My brother and his girlfriend came to visit us before heading home. I love that Little J and Baby K got to see them. They had a great time playing outside and then showing off all their toys inside.

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There was a bit of downtime after they left and I was able to snag a nap while Baby K slept. After that we packed up the kids and went to J's parent's place for dinner. I love when I don't have to cook so two dinners in a weekend is pretty amazing and we had a good time as always.

We topped off the weekend relaxing in the neighbour's hot tub. I finally understand the appeal and wouldn't mind getting one of our own. That way we wouldn't have to walk through the cold grass, but for now we'll use theirs.

It was a great weekend but now I'm staring down a moutain of laundry including Baby K's cloth diapers that are acting funny, a fridge that needs to be filled and a pile of library books that are due soon. My approach is to tackle one thing at a time and if I have to feed my kids granola bars and crackers for breakfast for a day, that's okay. I just can't do it all, but I'm glad to be home during the day to start checking things off the list.

Today was picking up catfood and a trip to Costco. Two things off the list! Well, those things and laundry, which is ongoing and neverending. You know.

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