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Sunday, September 30, 2012

South Ottawa Race Day

Today was the South Ottawa Race Day.  There were lots of different races but I chose to run the 5K.  I trained and I ran and I accomplished my goals.

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Eight weeks ago I started training using a running app - C25K Free - which is a program to get you from the couch (doing nothing) to running a 5K.  I've already talked about it, but basically it was a very slow progression with lots of walking at first, building up to running for 30 minutes straight.

Even though I haven't run much in the past few years I still consider myself a runner and generally athletic, but I used the app so I wouldn't push myself too much too soon and get hurt.  It worked.  I ditched the 5 minute warm up and cool downs the app called for, but other than that, I followed the program.  Okay, I might have skipped almost half the runs, but I did what it told me to do.

Then I got sick last week.  I pretty much stayed in the house for a week, doing the bare minimum.  And all of a sudden I realized my race was today.  I didn't have time to squeeze in another run or even really think about it.  Definitely not enough time to get nervous.

This morning I scrambled to eat and get dressed and left J to finish up breakfast with the kids.  I picked up my bib and my timing chip and watched as the half marathon and 10K races started.  Then it was my turn.

It was a small race, less than 200 people.  I started near the back and still didn't have to fight the crowds.  The race started at the race track and went along a country road and back, and then finished on the track.  It was a nice little course.  It was a little rainy, but mostly just damp and chilly.  Actually quite nice for a run. 

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I finished the race, accomplishing my first goal, and did it in 30 minutes, accomplishing my second goal of finishing in under 35 minutes.  I spotted J and the kids just before the finish line and was so happy.  They were happy to see me and showed me the signs they made.  I admit, I got a little emotional with them there.

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I gave in my timing chip and collected my medal and post-race snack with Baby K on my hip.  Then we all sat and listened to the music, watched the crowds, and I stretched.

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I've run a bunch of races over the years and really liked this one.  It was well organized, a good course, and not crowded at all.  I will definitely be signing up next year.

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And, in case you were wondering, here's my race history thanks to Sportstats:

May 2005:  My first race ever, a 5K I finished in 29 minutes and 4 seconds.
May 2006:  My first 10K.  58 minutes, 53 seconds.
May 2007:  Another 10K.  An hour and two minutes, 50 seconds.
October 2007:  A chilly 5K.  28.5 minutes.
September 2008:  My first and only half marathon.  Two hours and 3 minutes and 9 seconds.
October 2008:  A 5K for charity at work.  27 minutes and 58 seconds.
May 2009:  J and I walked the 5K while I was pregnant with Little J.  An hour and 2 minutes and 59 seconds.
May 2010:  We walked a family 2K.  I was newly pregnant with Baby K.  23 minutes, 33 seconds.
September 2010:  I walked a 5K with Little J in the stroller and Baby K in my belly.  55 minutes, 12 seconds.
September 2012:  This race, a 5K.  30 minutes, 20 seconds.

I'm going to keep doing races and adding to this list.  Races are a great way to get motivated.  Anyone else running these days?