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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Recovering from our sick weekend

I'm recovering.  We're all recovering.  It wasn't the worst we've had, but the cold that went through our house was pretty bad.  Bad because it hit all of us at almost the same time and parenting your sick kids with a sick partner while sick isn't something I'd call fun.

We spent most of our weekend in our pjs, moving from room to room, making sure the kids were fed.  Not much else got done.  We skipped swimming lessons, we hardly left the house, we used up about five boxes of kleenex, and all of a sudden the bathrooms all need to be cleaned and the whole house needs to be vacuumed.

IMG_0829 (Medium)

On one hand I'm glad the worst of it was over the weekend because J was home but on the other hand I feel robbed of my weekend.  We don't have many nice weekends left.  Let's hope we're all feeling better by this weekend coming up.

J is back to work and since I'm feeling better I decided to get to it today and baked some muffins while the kids ate breakfast and cleaned the sinks in two of the bathrooms (it's not great, but it's something).  The laundry's going, we have dinner planned for tonight and we've already played outside today.  Such a difference from yesterday.

IMG_0835 (Medium)

My plans for the week include cleaning a bit here and there, keeping on top of laundry, getting outside more, and hopefully getting out for a couple of runs before my 5K this Sunday.  Pretty exciting stuff.

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