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Monday, September 3, 2012

Labour Day Long Weekend

We had one last chance to go to the cottage for a long weekend so we took it. We actually left Thursday afternoon because J was racing at a track about halfway between home and the cottage. He took the Mazda (the "race car") and we followed a couple hours later in the Subaru.

Baby K had just woken up from her nap so I packed up the cooler and got the kids in the car and hit the road. I guess Little J was pretty tired because not even 10 minutes later he was passed out. He woke up about an hour later when we stopped at McDonalds for dinner.

I really had to pee otherwise I would have avoided the bathroom but I had to drag both kids past the air dryer and had them both crying and clinging to my legs. Thank goodness for handicapped stalls. After that ordeal I put them both in rolly high chairs and ordered our food. The manager took pity on me and helped carry our food to the play area. We ate and the kids played. The McDonalds in Arnprior has the best play place for young kids that I've seen. Baby K had no trouble with the stairs or slides and she didn't get stuck anywhere.

We finally got back in the car and the kids fought over the happy meal toy all the way to the race track. We missed J's race by about 10 minutes but still had fun wandering around, looking at the track and all the race cars setting up for the weekend.

IMG_0532 (Medium)

We drove the rest of the way to the cottage while the sun set. It was late and both kids fell asleep. They don't transfer well and it took a while to get them both in bed and asleep. Sandy, who had gone up earlier on the day with J's parents, was quite happy to see us and couldn't wait for us to go to bed too. Poor cat probably hadn't slept all afternoon.

Unfortunately Friday started off early after a not-so-great night and it was rainy. We decided it was a good day to go to the Bonnechere Caves. J and I had gone back in 2005 or so and liked it but weren't sure how the kids would do. I can say that it went okay. Not well but not so bad either. We got to the caves about 20 minutes before the start of a tour and the tour starts with a 20-minute talk about the caves and fossils and stuff. That's a lot of standing around for two toddlers. We were all relieved to finally get moving.

_MG_8816.CR2 (Medium)

The kids didn't mind the cool, damp caves, though they would have liked a faster pace. Baby K was getting annoyed and bored and wanted to nurse right when we were able to walk through part of the cave by ourselves. J took Little J and they joined us a few minutes later. Little J loved it. We saw a bat in the part of the cave they call Bat Alley and Baby K cried a bit when they turned off all the lights.

It was a good little outing but I'm glad the kids were free because they certainly didn't get much out of it. It tired them out though that after a quick lunch they were both passed out in the car.

The rest of the weekend was a good mix of playing in the sand, going for boat rides, reading and napping, and other cottage things. We saw jelly fish and frogs, fish and ducks, loons and great blue herons.

_MG_8871.CR2 (Medium)

The water was much cooler than a month ago when we were last at the cottage, but J and Little J still went in the water. Baby K did too but protested the entire time.

IMG_8897 (Medium)

Playing on the beach was much better. The kids especially liked when dad rolled hula hoops up the hill and making rivers in the sand.

IMG_8923 (Medium)

We went for a couple boat rides. There's a grabby thing to get weeds off the motor that Little J really likes. He goes around grabbing at everyone and asking you to protest if you stay silent. It's quite cute.

_MG_8940.CR2 (Medium)

And just because I love this picture so much, here's a shot of me with Baby K on the boat.

_MG_8941.CR2 (Medium)

We did our best to help close up the cottage but with the kids around it's hard to do much. We had a great weekend. Can't wait to go up again next year. I just have to remember to keep my list of what we packed so it's quicker next time. Did anyone else get away for the long weekend?

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