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Thursday, September 6, 2012

Care during pregnancy

It isn't often that I talk about my opinions. It's not that I don't have them, it's that I'm not a confrontational person. I'm more go-with-the-flow and tend to keep my opinions to myself or share only with J, close friends and family. But this is important to me: care during pregnancy.

I truly believe that midwifery care is the best choice for normal, low-risk pregnancies. I hope that things in Canada will shift so that one day every low-risk pregnant woman will be followed by a midwife. Obstetricians (OBs) are the best choice for high-risk pregnancies and we're very fortunate in Canada to have so many, but they are overkill for a normal pregnancy.

It's too bad that a lot of women don't know that they don't have to see an OB, that they have options. I've had people ask me what a midwife is and sometimes after having a baby. Friends, do your research! Midwives are health care providers that care for women during pregnancy, labour and delivery, and the post partum period (the first 6 weeks after birth). They also care for the newborn for those 6 weeks. (Article on Wikipedia about midwives.) Our provincial health care, OHIP, covers the cost of an OB or a midwife and you don't need a referral.

If you are newly pregnant, please don't go with an OB because that's what your friends did. Please look into your options, read about midwifery care and call one of the offices in your area to find out if midwifery care is right for you. I had a midwife for both pregnancies and I was so happy with my care. An unexpected bonus was having a student midwife each time. Student midwives work with midwives a couple times during their schooling, getting hands on experience. For you, it means you get one more person attending to you, one more person to help you through this life-changing event.

Midwives will attend births in the hospital or at home. Even if you end up having your baby at home by accident with only your husband there (who does that, anyway?) midwives provide excellent care and I recommend midwifery care to all my pregnant friends. To find a midwife in the Ottawa area, the Consumers Supporting Midwifery Care has an excellent website and links to all the local offices. Get a positive pregnancy test, call for a midwife. Please.


  1. Hi K - we're thinking of having a second baby and had an OB the first time. The care was great and I had nothing to complain about. What are the benefits of having a midwife vs OB? It sounds like you feel strongly about it but it's unclear why. Thanks!

  2. I'm glad to hear you had a good experience, Sabrina. That's not always the case with OBs. I'll write up a post explaining better what I mean. Thanks for the comment.

  3. I would have loved to have a midwife, I know a lot of people who used midwives for their pregnancies and they loved it! I am an owner of complicated pregnancies though, so it wouldn't work for me. Boo!

  4. I have been meaning to write a post on midwives for about 10 months now. The draft with my thoughts are there. With my first I did not know about midwives. I was not impressed with my care. 2nd time I went the midwife route. I will now recommend it to all those who are not high risk. I loved the actual personal attentive care. I loved making every decision for myself. I loved the after care. I told my midwife at my last appointment that I will miss her but I plan to never see her again as I don't want anymore children.