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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Birthday weekend

Little J had quite the birthday weekend. Saturday and Sunday were both full of balloons, presents and cake. It was pretty awesome. The theme for Little J's third birthday was "cars" and he was super spoiled.

Saturday morning Little J woke up to balloons upstairs and more balloons and decorations downstairs. He came down the stairs saying "Oh my goodness! Oh my goodness!" over and over. We waited until after swimming lessons to give him his presents. Baby K gave him the car she picked out and we gave him his big boy bike.

_MG_8971.CR2 (Medium)

He was pretty excited for his bike but had to wait to test it out because it was pouring.

IMG_0634-001 (Medium)

Thankfully a break in the rain let him get out and test it out. It's going to take a bit of work but he'll get it. We had a visit from my parents next. They gave Little J two Dr. Suess books that Little J was quite excited for.

_MG_8996.CR2 (Medium)

The middle of the day included lunch (Little J's favourite: canned ravioli), a visit from J's coworker who brought Little J a remote control car, cake and cupcake baking, and a nap for Baby K.

J's parents and sister came for dinner and celebrated with us. We sang and had cupcakes and Little J didn't cry.

IMG_0636 (Medium)

IMG_9045 (Medium)

Lucky little man got new colouring books and little markers and a new watch that he loves. That night he sat in his crib pushing the button to make it glow, over and over.

_MG_9058.CR2 (Medium)

He also got a couple trains including his favourite Dash and the Jobee wogs. Doesn't he look all grown up with his little watch on?

_MG_9061.CR2 (Medium)

And Baby K was lucky and got a bright white, super soft, Hophop. New Hophop and old Hophop hang out in her crib together now.

_MG_9073.CR2 (Medium)

Sunday was party day. Little J was so excited for his party. There were about 10 kids racing around the backyard with their parents chatting away.

_MG_9144.CR2 (Medium)

We had snacks for the kids and they all sat on the steps together.

_MG_9111.CR2 (Medium)

Little J couldn't wait any longer and decided it was time to open presents. I love how kids all swarm around the birthday boy and get in on the action. Little J was completely spoiled.

_MG_9121.CR2 (Medium)

And Baby K was gifted a little something too. Not that she won't be playing with all of Little J's toys too though....

_MG_9134.CR2 (Medium)

Little J had specifically asked for a car carrier and I'm not sure if my friends knew this but he ended up getting two of them, a big one and a small one. He's in love.

_MG_9145.CR2 (Medium)

Then it was time for lunch and cake. Little J had requested a race car cake and I searched for ideas and we came up with a number 3 race track cake. I think it turned out really well.

_MG_9163.CR2 (Medium)

Little J didn't cry when we sang Happy Birthday to him but he wouldn't blow out his candles. Thankfully J was close by to help out and Baby K demanded she get close to the action too.

_MG_9158.CR2 (Medium)

Everyone left not long after that, high on sugar and hopefully worn out from running around outside. I know Baby K demanded we put her to bed and Little J was pretty tired. I'm calling that party a success.

We had a bit of downtime while Baby K slept - we got the house cleaned up and played with Little J's new toys - then it was off to J's parent's house for the last of the birthday events. We had a big family dinner topped off with yet more cake. This was a train cake made by J's parents.

IMG_0659 (Medium)

Little J fell asleep in the car on the way home clutching his new toy tow truck from his great grandparents. What a day! Little J's 3rd birthday was a huge success. He had a great weekend and was completely spoiled. I can't believe my little man is three.

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