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Sunday, August 12, 2012

Summer vacation

After my first run with my new shoes almost two weeks ago now, I had a nice cold shower. We got the kids to bed. It was a normal night. And then I lost hearing in my left ear. I had a cold so I wasn't so surprised, but a few hours later when I woke up feeling like I was being stabbed in the ear, I knew something was wrong.

I would have driven myself to the hospital if I was sure Baby K wouldn't have woken up and needed me. Plus, I wasn't sure if I could get a prescription filled in the middle of the night. So I took some Tylenol and sent an email to J while I was waiting for the drugs to kick in saying he wasn't going to work in the morning.

I managed to get in to see my doctor the next morning. She confirmed a double ear infection and prescribed antibiotics. Of course this happens right before summer vacation, a week at the cottage, due to start the next day.

The next day my ear starts bleeding. Apparently that's what happens when you blow a hole in your ear drum. Ear pain - check! Summer vacation - bring it on! Two members of J's family are doctors so I knew I could get them to check my ears.

This was our second time at the cottage this summer so we knew better what to expect and how to deal with bedtime, the crucial time spent getting the kids to sleep, so we could all sleep. First, we get Little J to sleep in his big boy bed. He loves that he isn't in a crib anymore and was pretty excited about that and about being at the cottage so it took a while for him to fall asleep the first night. Next step is convincing Baby K it's time for bed and getting her nursed and set up with all her various sleeping things - Hophop, her blanket doggie or creepy "security blanket" dog head guy that she loves, her two bears and a blanket - and asleep. Again it took a while, but finally they were asleep and we could lie down.

That night and the next day were tough - Baby K was up a bunch during the night and was super clingy the next day - but it was also a lot of fun. We had meals outside and saw fish and went swimming and went for boat rides.

_MG_8545 (Medium)

The kids ran around naked and splashed in the water and had good cottage fun. I love seeing them so happy and seeing how happy it makes J that he gets to share this with them, something he loved so much growing up.

_MG_8653 (Medium)

Little J surprised us all by jumping in the lake off the boat. This kid, two summers ago, cried if he even touched grass or sand, has come a long way.

IMG_0184 (Medium)

The week went by in a strange time warp. The days were long and slow but full of fun and family and naps and reading and swimming and sand. I managed to finish the book I was reading and polished off another in a quick couple of days.

_MG_8701 (Medium)

The structure of breakfast, lunch and dinner kept me grounded, and fed obviously. It was really nice having all sorts of family time and some alone time and time for naps. The music was on and we didn't have to worry about cooking dinner for ourselves and we had internet access on our phones. The kids generally ate okay and slept well. Sandy was always on the lookout for birds and squirrels.

IMG_0127 (Medium)

Like I said, I was able to get my ears checked a few times. The infection is gone but my ear is still blocked and we're not sure how bad the perforation is. Other than the antibiotics, some tylenol and advil to manage the pain, and avoiding swimming and alcohol, it didn't really affect my vacation.

By Wednesday though I was getting a little tired of the feeling of being constantly not clean. I was thinking about my bed and my house. The weather turned grey and rainy and we decided Thursday to come home that night. We quickly packed our things before dinner and hit the road after we ate. It worked out well and being home felt great.

It's safe to say that we all had a great time at the cottage. The kids love being out there, sleeping in the same room, eating outside, seeing family, playing in the water.

_MG_8523 (Medium)

They got to explore the beach and the water, the different boats, the tree house, slide and swing behind the cottage, the other cottage where the rest of the family was staying and the little town they have set up for kids. They saw lots of bugs and frogs and ducks and loons and chipmunks and birds. They watched lots of Dora and read Dr. Suess books over and over.

I'm really glad they will grow up going to the cottage every summer. And I'm glad that J gets to share this with them.

IMG_0200 (Medium)

As for me, I'm taking myself back to the doctor tomorrow to see about getting a referral to an ear, nose and throat doctor. That and trying to decide if another trip to the cottage for Labour Day is a good idea. I think the kids would say yes!

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