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Monday, August 27, 2012

Little J goes to the dentist

At my last dental appointment, I booked Little J's first appointment and today was the day. I wasn't expecting Little J would be thrilled about it and I wasn't wrong.

IMG_0496 (Medium)

He liked the idea of seeing the dentist and liked the little chairs in the waiting room, but got mega shy as soon as the hygienist called his name. I had to carry him into the room and sit on the chair with him. Even then he wouldn't open his mouth.

Nothing worked and we left without him having his teeth checked, but he did get a new toothbrush, some flossers and a little toy camera from the treasure chest.

I'm hoping six months is enough time for him to get over his shyness and actually get his teeth checked. I'll let you know next March.

What do you think? Is 3 too early for the dentist? At least Little J didn't cry.


  1. My kids both started going to th dentist when they were 12-months-old. And then they go every 6 months. For the first few times it's more about getting comfortable with the process (with that being said, the dentist does see patients who come in at 1-year with rotten teeth). They see a pediatric dentist. At 5-years-old Hayden still hates going. He doesn't like having to lay down and have someone looking in his mouth. It makes him anxious and feel vulnerable. But he needs to get used to it. He is probably going to need braces in a few years, so he is going to need to be okay with the process.

  2. Your kids were brave and I'm so proud of them.

  3. We brought my oldest to the dentist at 3. They were amazing with kids. The assistant came in and spent 20 minutes with a grover puppet showing him everything and what it does. She let him play with all the tools and pretend to check grover's teeth. Then the dentist came in and did his job. Went great. Sadly we moved to another city so now need to find a new dentist.