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Monday, August 13, 2012

I'm a lefty and proud of it!

Today is Left-Handers' Day, a day dedicated to raising awareness of the plight of the lefty. Just kidding. It sounds like a fun thing. I mean, there's a day for everything so why not left handed people?

I'm left handed, but what I really think that means is that I prefer my left hand for certain things but can use both hands. There are quite a few things that I cannot do with my left hand but I blame it on only ever having the right-handed option. Like using scissors for example. We only had regular scissors in the house so I learned to cut just like everyone else, but when I got to school I was given green handled ones to use, aka lefty scissors. Guess what? I couldn't cut with them.

Hence the plight of the lefty. Our world really is made for, and made by, right handed people. And that's okay. We lefties figure it out. Except those that end up dying from injuries related to using a tool meant for a right handed person. After googling this I now know that the jury's out on whether being left handed shortens your life expectancy and maybe this isn't such an issue anymore when, instead of adapting to a heavy farm machine I'm using for my livelihood, I can change the left and right buttons on my mouse with a couple of clicks.

There are definitely differences I've noticed. I truly believe that a greater number of left handed people are good using their right hands versus right handed people are at using their left hands. And I'm sure I'm not the only one adept at learning skills mirror image because most of my teachers and coaches were right-handed.

I like being left handed and am very interested to see if either of my kids is a lefty as well. Only time will tell.

If you're at all interested, Wikipedia has an article on handedness that is interesting. It explains mixed-handedness much better than I did. Anyone else left handed? Have you noticed that anytime there's writing on a pen or a pencil it's readable when held in your right hand? That really used to bother me.


  1. My 8 year old is left handed and it wasn't until last year at school that it even dawned on me that she should have a proper pair of scissors. Oopps!

  2. I remember being in elementary school and the school had pens made with the school name on them ( fluorescent yellow and green - we also had a school rap-song... ah the 90s but I digress). I think there must have been a conspiracy of lefties on the ordering panel because 90% of the pens had the writing upside down!