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Thursday, August 23, 2012

18 Months

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The only new thing this month that I can think of is Baby K got her first time out. She's been biting more and we decided it was time. She was in her room for 1 minute. She cried.

She got sick this month after her brother did and was really sucky. She started carrying around her security blanket (Hophop) and our neighbour's baby doll and whatever else she could get her hands on. It got a little ridiculous everything in her arms.

Baby K is getting a little obsessed with the potty. It seems like she understands almost as much as Little J does.

Baby K tried corn on the cob at the cottage and loved it!

Baby K is so chatty. She's just like her brother and is starting to sound like him too. I wasn't very specific last time, but Baby K is saying new words every day and putting words together. She still signs some words and gets frustrated sometimes when we don't understand her. Thankfully it's usually pretty obvious what she's saying. My favourite new word this month: MINE!

Baby K is almost always falling asleep on her own at night. She goes to bed sometime between 8 and 9:30pm. She wakes at least once at night to eat and falls right back to sleep. She almost always naps during the day but is a pain to get down. She'll fall asleep in the car late morning, nap in her crib in the early afternoon, or skip a nap completely. On those days she's in bed way early.

Nothing to report. Clothing size 18-24months, size 6 shoe, same snap settings on her diapers or size 4 disposables (only because that's what Little J wears and we don't feel like buying ones for Baby K). She'll see the doctor early September so I'll have updated height and weight next month.

Other than the sick that went through our house, this month was pretty great. A nice summer month with lots of time with family and friends, at home and at the cottage. We got out lots.

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