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Friday, August 3, 2012

17 months

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Baby K had another big month for teeth. She had 4 molars break through and they are slowly making their way up. She is obsessed with buckles and a security blanket (a blanket with a dog head that she thinks is a bunny and calls HopHop). She carries him everywhere.

We took her to the cottage for the first time. Baby K did well in the car and loved the water and the boat and slept okay in the same room as her brother.

Not much to report. Baby K is walking and running and climbing and is trying hard to jump. She dances and wiggles and does yoga poses. She loves to clap and wave.

Baby K is actually pretty adventurous when it comes to new foods. At one point she took a pepper from our garden and took a huge bite. She'll try anything and only dislikes a few things.

Baby K has come out with a lot of new words this month, some new signs and a few animal sounds. She loves to sing and is starting to yell and screech more.

A bit more progress was made with nighttime sleep. Baby K will nurse and then I'll put her in her crib, give her her bears and she'll fall asleep. Napping has been tough though and I hope she doesn't give up her nap anytime soon. She'll almost always fall asleep in the car on our way home from places in the morning so I know she needs it.

Baby K weighs almost 21 pounds according to our scale. She is getting too big for most of her 12-18 month clothing and even some of her 18-24 month stuff. 2T stuff is still too big. She grew out of her size 5 sandals and is on to a pair of size 6 sparkly shoes (that her dad bought her!) I know she's getting taller because she can reach door knobs now.

This is such a fun age and I'm really glad that I'm home with my little friends.

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