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Thursday, July 19, 2012

Life's like that

You know those days? The ones that start off fine but get worse and worse and by 9pm you're about to cry because you just want them to fall asleep so you can shower and sleep and why-won't-they-stop-crying? Well.

Today started off like any other day - we got up, watched some tv, had breakfast, got ready, played downstairs. We had a friend over with her little girl. Everyone was happy and playing and other than a bonked head everything was going fine.

Then the kids started to get hungry. I suggested a snack so we went to the kitchen and I gave them each a snack. Little J wouldn't eat his. He was sulking on the stairs. I tried over and over to convince him to eat because obviously he was just hungry.

He's stubborn though and wouldn't eat a bite. The girls finished their snack so we took them outside. I couldn't leave Little J inside by himself so I plunked him on the front step so I could check on him every few minutes. First check-in, he was still sitting there. Second he was sitting on one of the chairs we have on the porch. Third I noticed he was covered in goosebumps so I got him a hoodie. Fourth he was passed out on the chair.

I knew something was wrong. My little man does not sleep during the day. I let him sleep but he woke up when we brought the girls in for lunch. I brought him in and put him down on the couch where he puked. He was whimpering and crying and shaking and I was trying to figure out how to deal with him and the puke and get everyone settled in for lunch when he puked again. Thankfully SH took charge of lunch and I got Little J cleaned up, medicated and in my bed in front of the tv.

That's where he stayed all lunch and finally he passed out so I left him there. He woke up a couple hours later and drank some water and ate some crackers. He had a fever of around 100F but was starting to perk up.

He's big into popsicles these days so he asked for one and I took him outside. He had a bite and wanted to go back in. I took him down, put him in front of the tv again. J brought down more baby Tylenol but Little J's stomach started gurgling right after swallowing the medicine and he puked again. Cleaned him up again, back upstairs with a blanket and tv.

That's where he stayed until he asked to go to bed a bit before normal time. He was still feverish and hadn't eaten much at all and went to bed and stayed there. I really hope he sleeps well and is fine tomorrow.

And that Baby K doesn't get sick. I just spent a long time trying to get her to sleep or listening to her cry hoping next time I went in she'd be tired enough to sleep. Finally, finally, they're both in bed and both quiet.

So I sit down with both monitors on and just sit for a minute, half expecting to hear a wail from my littlest. Silence. I look out the window and see this amazing sunset and I grab the camera and head outside. I used to take sunset pictures all the time. I love the colours and the clouds and the swirls. I love the dramatic lighting as the sky fades and the darkness settles in. I miss the calm of watching the sky darken and the air get cool. I miss it.

More crying. Up I go again. Always on duty.

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