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Friday, July 20, 2012


I was going through my reader yesterday and read a post on a blog I found recently called Two in Diapers. It was a guest post by Sarah from Bendel Manor. One line jumped out at me:

"I want her to be as inspired by my life as I am by hers" she said of her daughter.

It's so true. I want my kids to think more of me than just mom. I want them to know that I'm my own person and I do things that don't include changing diapers and doing laundry.

I want them to be as inspired by my life as I am by theirs.

I've been making small changes since the new year, since I started my new career as full time stay at home mom. I started getting dressed every day and putting on mascara. I'm taking better care of myself - flossing, exercising and focusing on my friendships and my relationship with J.

I am trying to be the best me I can be.

I've been trying to stay on top of house work and started planning our meals. I've been thinking of small and big ways to save my family money.

But what it really comes down to is I need to have a life outside of them. I need to do things just for me and sometimes that means I have to leave them. If I worked outside the home I'm not sure this would be as big an issue to me. I feel that so much of who I am these days is mom.

I'm excited about my future career as a doula. I've never felt so excited about a job before, so drawn to something. My training isn't until November and I won't be certified for a while after that. I don't expect to be doula-ing part time for a couple years actually, but it's something I think about every day.

I'm excited when I go out with my friends. Whether it's a quick drinks-and-dessert date at the restaurant nearby or an elaborate dinner across town, I need to get out. I need to get out by myself and do things for me.

Tomorrow I'm off to an all day conference. I've never been away from Baby K for so many hours in a row, but I know that she will be fine. I know that J will take the kids through their day just fine, and possibly even better than I do most days.

Will I miss them? Of course. Will I be super charged from my day away, from all the learning I'll be doing, from all the adult interaction? Yes!

I'll be sprinkling things like this conference into my life here and there, to keep things fresh and to remind myself that I am me. Part of being me is being a mom but that's not all I am. And I need my kids to know it.

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  1. It's so true, all of it. Being your own person makes you an even better Mom. By showing your kids you matter, you're teaching them so much about how to love and treat themselves. Good for you for getting out, and you'll make a great doula one day!